Water from Nine holy rivers of India to sanctify 'Sri Sathya Sai Samaj Dhyan Mandir'at Palasdhari  Village on 7th June 2009

Om Sri Sairam

When the world around is reeling under recession, the Indian Rural is refusing to go under. The villagers are emerging tobe a force to reckon with. The big brands are realising, that the 'Indian Village' is the next big idea whose time has come.

Over the years, mindless destruction of natural resources and unbridled pollution by the city folks, directly & indirectly, have disabled the nature-dependent villagers from getting their legitimate share.

And turn to the outside world for help. Else they were fine with what they had. No sensex. No Recession. Boom or Doom or similar Metro Maladies.
Now the least city folks can do to repay their debt to Nature which is nourishing them unmindful of all the disastrous attack, is to visit a village nearby and do their bit of Seva.
In a way it is not mere Seva. But a Prayaschita. To make amends. For the collective sins of all who manipulated and milked Nature dry.

There is a silent revolution set in motion by Sri Sathya Sai Village Integrated Programme.
ChemburSeva's monthly engagement with Palasdhari Villagers every third Sunday is by now a fixed agenda on the calenders of many Chemburites. Month after month we have been visiting and doing  medical seva, Bal vikas, Skill training for youth, Narayan Seva (serving food) to the entire village everytime, review of Bhachat Ghat of women etc besides our special education programme for school dropouts. We have also taken many villagers to Puttaparthi for Baba's darshan recently. 
With Patience, we have to work hard to improve their lot. And that is the Goal. 

While at it, it was decided by the visiting devotees to build a small community centre and a temple there. And thus "Sri Sathya Sai Samaj Dhyan Mandir" was born.

That will operate as a community centre with a small Shirdi Sai Baba mandir in it.
In the lingo of the youth, it is our version of VAS ('Value Added Services') for the Village. That will change the ringtone of the village with the temple bells chiming now and then.
Before the roll out, we did the following -

 1. Little earth was brought from Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Janmasthan (now a Mandir) in Puttaparthi and added to the foundation

2. A rose flower blessed and given by Baba personally was reverentially put into the foundation 

3. Sai devotees who regularly visit the village every month have done "Likitha Japa" (writing the name of the Lord , 'Sairam' on sheets of paper) which were put right under the deity and covered.
4. Pancha loka and gems also will be placed under the Deity.

5. Arrangements made for bringing the sacred water from - Nine holy rivers of India and Lake Manasarovar of Kailash for Abhishek of the Deity in our Samaj Dhyan Mandir.

The nine rivers and the collection spots by our devotees - 

1.Brahmaputra (from near Guwahati)
2.Ganges (from Rishikesh)
3.Yamuna (from Triveni sangam)
4.Narmada (from near Omkareshwar)
5.Sarayu (from Ayodhya )
6.Godavari (from Nasik)
7.Netravati (from a location in Karnataka)
8.Chitravati (from Puttaparthi)
9.Cauveri (from Trichy)
And the unique "Manasarovar" to cap it all from Kailash.

A "Nava Nathi Pooja" will be conducted and then along with Manasarovar water, all the river water will be applied over the deity of Shirdi Baba as "Abhishek" amidst Veda chanting by a team.

The interested ones can join a brief session of Meditation thereafter in the Dhyan Mandir. 

The function will be held on 7th June 09 in a low key and only the villagers will be in the front while all Sai devotees will be behind the scene.

The construction of the Samaj Dhyan Mandir is done in such a way, anyone can sit on the floor of the Dhyan Mandir and do meditation overlooking the mountains and the vast lake at the foot of the hill. It is indeed a breath taking view from the Dhyan Mandir.

While the villagers would be taught to sing community bhajans and do meditation at the Dhyan Mandir, the city folks also can go there once in  a way and do Dhyan quietly. A free Divine De-stresser enriching mind and body.

We hope that this Samaj Dhyan mandir with heavy spiritual overtones will keep emitting divine signals in the Village. And transform the folks around. And us too.

No doubt, for the outside world, this is going to be one more site where lasting Peace can be searched.

At a time, the world is plunged into crisis going directionless with mindless violence, Spirituality is the only succour. The version that is Religion neutral. Spiritual Positive. 

Come. Meditate in the Dhyan Mandir.

And discover a new world inside you.

All are welcome



" Direct your intelligence not to wander about but to dwell constantly in the inner world! This is the inward quest (antar vimarsha), and meditation (dhyana) is the most important instrument needed for this." - Sri Sathya Sai Baba