Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye

Bhagawan has most graciously blessed the conductance of a Durga Havan all over Maharashtra. All devotees are invited to participate in this Historic Yagnam graced and blessed by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for Loka Kalyanam

Invitation to Maha Durga Homam at Dharmakshetra

Invitation and Brief Schedule to Maha Durga Homam

The State President has requested every devotee/active worker/samithi incharges/balvikas students ( present and past), parents and in fact , each one of us to join in the daily chanting the following stotra from 16.5.2010 ( Akshaya Tritiya ) at least 108 times every day at any time and at any place till the conductance of Durga Homam at Dharmakshetra on or about 13th June, 2010.

The below is the latest communication received from our State President Shri Ramesh Sawant

Durga Homam will be held on Sunday 13 th, Monday 14 th June, 2010

Location: Every District and and any other locations in the District

Our Beloved Bhagawan has assumed His present avataric form for the welfare of humanity. As the river of humanity flows along, our Lord takes upon Himself matters which are beyond our comprehension.

To counter this phenomenon, prayer was made to Bhagawan by the devotees of Maharashtra, that a Sri Durga Puja and Homam be conducted throughout the State. To our joyful delight, Beloved Bhagawan has consented to this sincere prayer and thereby blessed Maharashtra

He is known to have said that His physical form is the property of His devotees. It thus becomes everybody’s duty to soulfully participate in this auspicious activity, so that our Beloved Bhagawan is moved by this collective prayer, to grant us our long cherished wish of the complete well-being and restoration of His physical form

This is a golden opportunity for every devotee in Maharashtra to participate in this Homam and recite the mantra below for the welfare of the physical form of Bhagawan.

“Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye, Shive Sarvartha Sadhike Sharanye Trayambake Gauri Narayani Namo-stute”

This is a rare chance for the sojourn of our soul and must not be overlooked.

Arrangement:9 Pandits or more will chant the above mantra during the homam

It is also proposed that every devotee will be offered the opportunity to recite this divine mantra as a personal sadhana 108 times every day, starting from Akshaya Tritya on 16th May 2010. This can continue as long as the devotees wish to continue.

The benefits and explanations of chanting this mantra are elucidated below:

Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye
Shive Sarvatha Sadhike
Sharanye Tryambake Gauri
Narayani Namo-stute

Which means:

Oh Gauri Maa! Consort of Lord Shiva,

You who bestows auspiciousness in all,

And fulfill everyone's wishes,

I prostrate myself before Thee,

Take me under your care


Goddess Parvati is the consort of Lord Siva and is worshipped as Shakti. The Puranic literature describes her as having many forms, including Durga, Chandi, Kali and Uma. While Siva symbolizes the efficient cause of the creation, Shakti symbolizes the material cause.

Translation in details:

The one who is the auspiciousness of all that is auspicious (sarvamangalamangalye),

the consort of Siva (Sive),

who is the means of accomplishing all desires (sarvarthasadhake),

who is the refuge of all (saranye),

the three eyed one (tryambake),

the fair complexioned one (Gauri),

Salutations to you, Narayani (narayani namostute).

Salutations to the consort of Sri Narayana (Sri Lakshmi Devi), who is all auspicious, who is the knower of all, who blesses devotees succeed in their efforts and who is the refuge of all.

Attached please click here to download the above mantra in mp3