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Author: Sri Indulal Shah, International Advisor, Sri Sathya Sai Organisations (Overseas)

An introduction:

In the Bramha Muhurt of the most auspicious day of November 23, 1926, God had to descend on this earth in full form as Poornavatar assuming the name of Sri Sathya Sai with His Divine Abode at Prashanti Nilayam in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India for the purpose of Establishment of Dharma (Righteousness).

For the last more than 83 years, Sri Sathya Sai has been incessantly working day-in and day-out for accomplishing His Divine Sankalp of transforming evils into virtues, destructive attitudes into constructive actions, negativity into positivity, diversity into unity, competition into cooperation, hatred into love, false-hood into truth, non-violence into peace, work into worship and wisdom, pollution into purity and finally animality into humanity and divinity.

The Poornavatar in the form of Sri Sathya Sai has generated an unprecedented curiosity in the entire universe to find as to what His Legacy would be.

Being aware of everyone’s wish, a humble attempt has been made by Sri Indulal Shah to make a detailed presentation which would explain the Legacy of the Sri Sathya Sai Avatar.

The author humbly admits that we devotees are too small to measure the depth of the Divine Avatarhood but in our limited human understanding, it is felt that the legacy of the Sri Sathya Sai Avatar comprises of the benevolent work done by His Holiness and the guiding philosophy preached by Him for the restoration of Dharma (Righteousness) and restructuring of society for the welfare and upliftment of mankind.

 The author feels that His Divine legacy is not restricted only to the Educare, Medicare & Sociocare Institutions and other physical and visible attainments. In fact, it is limitless and unbounded, gross and subtle, external and internal, extensive and intensive, temporal and eternal, material and spiritual, visible and invisible, subjective and objective, personal and collective, private and public, here and elsewhere. It is available to anyone, whether he is a devotee, believer, non-believer, critic, sceptic, saint or sinner. The legacy of Sri Sathya Sai is a vast and deep ocean available to anyone.

As Sri Sathya Sai is a Poornavatar, His legacy must also be Poorna (Complete). But Poorna (Complete) cannot be measured. It is only Apoorna (Incomplete) which can be measured. Therefore, it is impossible to spell out various facets of Bhagavan’s legacy in totality. However, an attempt can certainly be made to explore into different realms of His legacy.  

Revered Bhagavan has always been saying, “My Life is My Message”.

Therefore, His Life is His Legacy.

The full version of the presentation in English as well as in Telugu can be downloaded from the below-mentioned links.

Sri Shah humbly prays “May the Divine Rays emitted by His Divine Holiness, illumine each and every soul to practice His Legacy and take everyone forward on the Divine Path of establishment of Peace and Order in the universe.

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