Palasdhari Sri Sathya Sai Samaj Dhyan Mandir Inaugurated

Om Sairam

At the dawn of 7th June 09, Village Palasdhari woke up to a new reality. That they are Cared for! It is a reassurance for the second time after the huge Water project by Sai Youth.

It is not the availability of Resources as much as change of mindset that is the Game changer. Both for the ones who are served and the ones who serve. Seva changes mindset of both.

After year and half of hard training, we learnt from the village that consistency pays. A bus load of Chembur Samithi Volunteers kept visiting the village every third Sunday, rain or shine,continously for SEVA. And some even slept their overnight supporting the night school seva.

As one more attempt to underwrite their welfare, Sri Sathya Sai Samaj Dhayan Mandir, a community hall cum Shirdi Baba Temple was dedicated to the Village in a low key function on 7 th June 2009.

It is also for anyone who would love to meditate in a serene setting in the lap of Mother Nature over looking the lake down below.

The community centre is constructed in such a way that the breathtaking view of the mountain and the lake are in unobstructed view as one sits there and set out to meditate.

Lose yourself meditating over this lovely sunrise

Many devotees, young and old from near and far pitched in to make this small project happen.

A young doctor got the photographs of nine Maharashtra saints and an Eighty two year old devotee got all those framed nicely and hung them on the temple roof.

More touching was a couple of cancer patients (served by Chemburseva) with their escort came to Palasdhari and stayed overnight and did painting and cleaning work in temple saying that they didn't want to miss this Seva when they are mobile now. A Cancer Patient with the skill to write on Rice grain wrote 'Om Sairam' on a few grains of rice which were kept buried under the seat of the Lord along with Nama Ligitha Japa written by many and Pancha Loga and Navrathna Stones. A Sri Sathya Sai Sai Yantra was also kept with them.

The ones staying near 9 sacred rivers in India specially collected the water for this temple and sent by courier and special messengers. When the little gals of the village carried the River water on their head and 'catwalked' into the village with the names of the Rivers dangling, it was like a scene from the heavens with Deva Kanyas floating around.

Sacred river water over their head-Deva Kanyas

Abhishek was done,amid Vedic chant, with the sacred water from NINE rivers and Lake Manasarovar - Brahmaputra, Ganga, Yamuna, Sarayu, Narmada Godavari, Chitravati, Netravati and Cauveri.

There was a group of Veda Pandits specially invited for the occasion who filled the air constantly with vedic vibrations.

A village youth sat in traditional Pooja and the entire village lined up to do Abhishek of their dear Sai Baba who arrived in their village to take care of them for the rest of their lives.

Vedic chanting.... Villager doing Pooja

Village doubly blessed by both Babas...

Chembur Samithi Convenor narrated in detail how the Sai Youth achieved the magnificent task of setting up the Water Project in Village Palasdhari and how the village has been transformed since then.

Narayan Seva was done at the end of the function. And thus arrived Baba in the Village of Palasdhari greatly inspiring one and all.

The proof of pudding..... Yes. As a proof of the divine vibes working,we learnt later, that the villagers collected on their own in the evening and sang their folk bhajans from 8 pm to 11 pm.

Now a Village folk art form called "Samna" is being organised in which two sets of village artists who double up as poets would sit in two opposite groups and there will be sessions of questions and answers in poetic form. This draws many villages nearby and runs for hours. We shall be 'indoctrinating' the two sets of poets to deliver moral messages against tobacco, alcohol and how health and education are important etc. and deliver the same in the 'Samna' being sponsored by us.

In the days to come, many welfare programmes will roll out with the Grace of our Divine Master as per His divine Sankalpa like this one, while we shall stand on the side in obscurity and watch in wonder as we did now.

We plan to have a overnight stay to silently meditate and enjoy the natural beauty of Palasdhari in the company of Baba sitting along - on 18th July Sat and return on 19th Jul Sun morning. Interested ones can contact ChemburSeva through this mail. (No charges).

Come. Join the new experiments with Divine Love.



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Posted by R.Chandrashekar