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The essence of the drama "Hanuman Veera" enacted before Bhagawan on Thursday 30.09.2010 by the Youth of Maharashtra

The drama opens with a Youth mesmerized by Bhajans recalling that wherever the Glory of Rama is sung, there Hanuman is always present. The Youth thinks that in the pristine precincts of Prashanti Nilayam, where Lord Rama Himself resides, Hanuman would certainly be present. And indeed, the greatest devotee of the Lord appears. Lord Rama Himself arrives to talk about the Glory of His dearest Bhakta.

Sri Rama starts with the delightful stories of Hanumanís birth vividly recollecting how he got the name Anjenaya, Kesari Nandan and Pavanputra. He then goes on to narrate the enthralling incident in which young Bajrang Bali reaches out towards the Sun thinking it to be a fruit. To prevent the child Hanuman from innocently bringing about the disaster upon the world, Lord Indra resounds his Vajra which fatally injured Hanuman

Seeing this state of his son, Lord Vayu withdraws all air from earth. The Devas instantly rush to make amends with Vayudev granting extraordinary powers to Hanuman. His broken jaw at the hands of Indraís Vajra give him the name Hanuman by which He would be most remembered for all time to come.

The next scene depicts Hanumanís determination to excel making him an ideal student. Surging with a deep desire to become the Shishya of Surya, Hanuman keeps running backwards across the sky to keep pace with the eternal movement of His Guru.

While Hanumanís intellect is now effulgent with the light of knowledge, Lord Shiva fills his heart with the sweet fragrance of Bhakti. He informs Anjenaya about Lord Ramaís advent and initiates Him into Rama Nama.

Lord Rama then, nostalgically recounts Hanumanís first meeting with Him and Lakshmana. This scene highlights Hanumanís unparalleled skill as His Kingís ambassador, his celestial mastery over the myriad intonations, phonetic variations of all the Vedas and His spiritual oneness with His Lord.

The next scene depicts Hanumanís sincere, simple humility when he tears off His own Ramayana- the Hanumad Ramayana to allow Sri Valmikiís Ramayana to enjoy all the Glory in the world.

Hanuman had forgotten all the powers bestowed upon Him by the Gods due to a curse. When the Vanaras need to cross the Ocean to reach Lanka, while looking for Mother Seeta, Jambavan reminds Hanuman about his powers,

In the subsequent scene when Hanuman meets Vibhishana, he tells a despondent Vibhishina that to get Lord Ramaís Darshan, Sparshan and Sambhashan it is not enough to merely chant His name but one must also look for opportunities to serve Him.

Back in Ayodhya, the brothers of the Divine Monarch divide all the tasks needed to be performed for Rama among themselves, leaving Hanuman with nothing to do. But the ever-ready-to-serve Hanuman finds a way to serve Lord Rama. He takes up the duty of snapping when Sri Rama yawns! Pleased with His spirit of unrelenting service Ramji offers Him Moksha but Hanuman declines it. To Him, this body consecrated by being near His Lord, blessed by Darshan of Mother Sita is dearer than Moksha. Mother Sita thus blesses Hanuman with immortality calling him a Cheeranjivi.

Hanuman is perhaps the only Bhakta who is worshipped as God. The next scenes highlight how he helped one of Sri Ramaís greatest devotees - Sant Tulsidas. Sant Tulsidas is imprisoned by Akbar and he prays to Sankat Mochan Hanuman to help him. Immediately the city of Delhi was attacked by monkeys and Akbar is advised to release this great devotee of Lord Rama who has been helped by none other than Hanuman.

In another instance a liberated ghost tells Tulsidasji of Hanuman who in his great Love for Rama Katha comes to hear it every day as Tulsidas narrates it. Tulsidas approaches Sri Hanuman who directs him to Chitrakoot where he can finally have Lord Ramaís Darshan.

In yet another episode Hanuman, in his Panchamukhi Avatar comes to the aid of Bhadrachala Ramdas by reviving his life.

Regaling the Divine Bond that Hanuman and Rama share, Lord Rama declares that He Himself is incomplete without His dear Pavanputra. And when asked where the immortal Hanuman lives now, the youth is told of an incident in which during Swamiís childhood, Hanuman had emerged from His idol and had done Pradikshina of His Lord. Hanuman is Immortal and transcending the Oceans of Yugas, His Bhakti is EternalÖ.

Jai Sai Ram

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This evening, when the retiring day turned golden under the flashy bulbs, as Bhagawan emerged at 1825 hrs. (6:25) to the tunes of a soulful Rama bhajan, the waning twilight was preparing herself to hear the nectarous story of the greatest devotee of Lord Rama in the immediate Divine presence. In the multitudes present welcoming Bhagawan, there was a distinct orange scarved group of men and women, numbering almost two thousand, who were ready to celebrate the advent of the 85th year of Bhagawan! The narrator for the evening was Lord Rama and the men and women in orange scarves who set the stage for the Lord of Treta for the narration were the youth from Maharashtra.

Completing a full round of darshan, Bhagawan came onstage at 1845 hrs.(6:45). As bhajans continued in full devotional fervour, Bhagawan went on leafing through letters from devotees. After half-an-hour Bhagawan nodded for the programme to commence.

Representatives from various Maharashtra districts made a beeline unto the dais presenting details of various service activities. Men in pairs followed by women forayed to the centrestage showing brochures detailing the activities undertaken.

The Programme for the evening, a dance drama entitled Anjaneya Veera, was presented by the Youth and Balvikas from Akola district of Maharashtra.

Beginning the presentation, setting an intro into the story of Hanuman, Lord Rama told his chosen devotee that it was His Will that He would narrate the story of Veeranjaneya this day, against the normal practice, of Hanuman singing Rama's glory incessantly, and thus began this Thursday evening's odyssey with Lord Rama and Hanuman.

The one hour presentation began with Lord Rama narrating a young devotee of Veeranjaneya about the tale of Hanuman's mysterious birth with the blessing of Wind God. Traversing through the eventful episode, The Lord went on explaing Hanuman's tutelage under Sun God, his wrangle with Lord Indra, initiation into the Rama Mantra, meeting up with Valmiki etc. The narration was backed by visual illustration. When Sage Valmiki went on extolling Hanuman's feats with his work on Lord Rama's story, an 'infuriated' Hanuman grabbed the literary piece to tear the same into pieces yelling that only Lord Rama deserves name, fame and glory.

Hanuman's meeting with Sugreeva, slaying of Bali, crossing over to Lanka to fight for Mother Sita etc. came in sequence before the scene was brought to the court of Lord Rama in Ayodhya, where, post coronoation, immediate followers of Lord were dividing their duties towards The Lord.

Narrating the tale as told by Bhagawan in Rama Katha Rasavahini, the episode of Hanuman grabbing the most pricey responsibility of 'snapping the yawn' was depicted before coming into the final scene of Hanuman explainig his part of 'His Story' that happened in the Hanuman Temple in Prasanthi Nilayam. As Hanuman went on replying to Lord Ram for His offer of liberation to his chosen devotee, that for him his body that helps him to chant His Beloved Lord's Name is more precious than liberation, one could see hundreds of Maharashtra youth, both men and women, waving saffron flags, showcasing allegiance to Hanuman's exemplary devotion. Anecdotes from the lives of Bhadrachala Ramdas, Goswami Tulsidas etc., Samartha Ramdas were also lucidly illustrated.

Upon the one hour presentation, Bhgawan went down the dais and posed for photographs. Accepting Mangala Arathi at 2040 hrs. Bhagawan left the dais, retiring for the day. Laddu Prasadam was distributed to the entire assemblage.

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Prasanthi Update - Thursday evening Darshan and Programmes with Photo

Yesterday on Thursday evening there was a Wonderful Programme by the Youth of Maharastra. Swami came for Darshan at 6.25pm and after a Full Darshan round, the Programme titled "ANJANEYA VEERA" started. After the one hour Presentation, Swami took Photos with all the participants and after Mangala Aarthi, Bhagawan left for Yajur Mandiram at 8.45pm as Laddu Prasadam was distributed to everyone.

Photo of Yesterday session in Kulwanth Hall.

Om Sai Ram

Courtesy: KM - 30.09.2010