Divine Bonanza

Sairam Everyone

A live example of Bhagawan's prophecy " Though I am Omnipresent and found everywhere, you can find Me installed wherever My Glory is sung" .

Phulgoan has been a continuous recipient of Bhagwan's grace in one form or the other recently a youth from Phulgaon who was given a cow under the dairy project started in December 2005 was immensely happy to mention the miracle that took place with him.  The cow he had delivered two calves - a very rare incident to happen. It is Bhagawan's grace and blessings which make impossible things possible.

Also wanted to mention that one devotee had in mind for long about doing godaan (Gift of  cows) but was not sure where he could do it. After knowing about the dairy project in Phulgoan he was more than happy to do the same at Phulgoan and now the number of cows currently is twenty-two.

Jai Sairam

Ramdas Kasav - 04.03.2009