Flash Seva to Vaarkaris of Maharashtra- You can join

Caution. This is not poetry. But distorted prose aligned for easy read.

Om Sri Sairam

Being Dust (ChemburDust that is)
we raise, when stirred up.
And free flow all around
till we settle down.
(The dust has to eventually settle down as they say)

Cut up with the world that
is obsessed with unabated materialism,
we felt ‘stirred’ enough
to raise and flow around.
And gathered a byte or two that we share..

Very recently the Dabbawalas became a rage
and the high and mighty were humbled to
learn how to beat six sigma many times over
from these simpletons who carry headloads of our lunch.

There is another community
that is little known to the outside world.
The ‘Vaarkaris’ of Maharashtra who walk
a good 260 odd kms from Alandhi to Pandharpur.

Driven by the hypnotic chant “Gyanba Tukaram’
the pilgirms cover this distance in 16 days by foot.
To be on the sacred Ashadh Ekadasi with their Vithoba (July 21 this year)

Ten lakh pilgrims of all castes turn up in Dindis(groups)
from thousand odd villages in Maharashtra.

It is not a piece of history, the types which get
assured 10 marks if written correctly in schools.
But cold facts unravelling before us
as Reality Show minus TV set.

We had two choices.
Either Read the story and see a clip or two on Vaarkaris
in You tube and post a comment if getting high.
And be done with it.

Or get down to action however late
and do a bit of Seva to these noble souls
who are way above the
city devotees that we are.

We chose the latter.
And rushed to Pune on learning that
this year the Varkaaris started on July 5th.
We landed in Pune on July 6th.

They are simply out of the world.
Each Vaarkari looked like a Variant of Vithoba.
Their simplicity and faith simply floored us.

Campus Recruits of God..

No money in the pocket. Worn out chappals.
Many don’t have even that.
The women carry Tulsi pots on their heads
while walking up with their men folk.
But their glowing faces made us wonder-
What drives them really?
Certainly not material wealth.
Our city wealth advisors may write them off.
But they are the real HNI.- High Networth Individuals.
Their main asset is real Bhakti
which is beyond the articulate cityfolks
who are perennially searching Peace.

The Vaarkaris must be made of stuff from
pure distillation of pristine Indian culture.

They are the real India.

The ones in cities aping the west
are their culturally depreciated
poor country cousins in inland exile.

In a flash, the English speaking elite of the cities
who behave like left overs of East India company
came before us in poor comparison.
Brushing that aside, we stood on the roadside
watching and talking with a few of these noble Vaarkaris.

Like ‘Intel Inside’ they are ‘India Inside’ products....

On looking at a poor Varkaari not able to even walk,
we offered some money and he refused to take.
Instead he asked whether we can help them
trace a female group member who has been lost
in the crowd - by name Smt.Radhabai Gorakh Patil
of Dalgaon - Vadnagari .We noted and moved on
promising to share this info with other Vaarkaris.

The west knows only to categorise all,
as Haves and Have-nots in their economics.
But India has ‘Don’t wants’. Though available.
Western economics dont factor their impact.

We felt that we need to do our bit of Seva.
Though too late in the day to organise.
But when there can be Flash strike, Flash floods
why not Flash seva, the opposite of them.
Enthused by this thought we decided to go ahead.
The Vaarkaris are presently on the way to Pandharpur
camping in Pune and shall leave day after (July 9).

And here we are.. with our Flash Seva for Vaarkaris
which anyone can join.. though it is all only one day we have-July 7 2010.
we have to reach out to them our stuff on July 8 as they leave Pune.

We shall arrange the following material for packing on July 7th at
10, Sapphire, Chheda Nagar Chembur Mumbai for this Vaarkari Seva.

One Vaarkari Kit to contain -

- Poshak Ahar - Sai Protein one packet
- Chivda/chikki/groundnut (for munching while walking)
- Biscuits
- Band Aids
- One large L shaped Plastic sheet to cover head to knee in rain

We are targeting to serve min 500+ vaarkaris with the above.

The volunteers joining this seva
can pack 85 packets each keeping the
85th Birthday celebrations of Swami on presently.

Besides the above, we shall join briefly
our Sai brothers in Pune doing
Medical Seva with their Medical van
with doctors and medicines for Vaarkaris.

Yes.It is a flash Seva.
But Love has no lead time.

In 48 hours from now as you read the mail,
500+ Vaarkaris would have been served with our humble offering
as a mark of our Love and respect for their amazing faith.

Those who cant make it need not worry.
Our young Sai brothers are taking another Dindi Yatra
to our own Sai Vittobha on 17th July from Dharmavaram
to Puttaparthi about 40 kms by walk.
You can join and enjoy the bliss.

Sai Vittala..Sai Vittala.. Dindi from 17-21 July’10

Dnyaneshwar Maharaj lived in 13th century
and took samadhi at a very young age in Alandhi.

More than 700 years later, we witnessed today
that He is still alive among His devotees as their ‘Mauli’.

We need to re-boot the Spiritual India.
Before it is too late.

Om Sri Sairam


For joining this Flash Seva - call /sms 9821482711/ 9821633721 9821633721