Bandra Samithi's Visit To Parthi with Gujarat Research children

In thy's holy presence, the Memorable moments which gave immense joy to All of us when Our Dearest Lord Sai granted us a special interview inside the Mandir Hall.

All are children in the eyes of God but some are more special than others.

On the evening of 31st Jan, when the Hyderabad Youth were sitting in full strength with a loving music programme in their agenda and when all eyes were on the stage awaiting Bhagawan's arrival, Bhagawan took a detour and went to attend a special lot.

A small group of mentally and physically challenged children were sitting in orderly lines seeking Bhagawan's blessings. These were the children from Gujarat Research Society, an NGO based in Khar West, Mumbai, aimed at treating children having psychological  and physiological problems. Twenty Two children accompanied by some parents and other aids came over to Prasanthi Nilayam to have Bhagawan’s darshan and blessings.

Where He wills there is a definite way. When Bhagawan wanted these children to sing. It was obvious that these physically and psychologically challenged children would find it difficult  to do it without proper practice. Yet their Love for Bhagawan  has given them the determination to achieve what many of us normally take for granted. What followed was even more spectacular! Both the groups of children (boys and girls)  gave wonderful dance performance with perfectly synchronised steps.

Greatly pleased with their devotion, Bhagawan Blessed All of them posed for pictures with the children and distributed gifts to them.


Pictures of our Lord Sai with Gujarat Research children.


Jai Sai Ram
Vishal. D - Feb 03.02.2010

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