10th, 11th 12th & 13th December 2009

A copy of the booklet scanned and shared with you all……on the forthcoming Padhuga Pooja conducted at Dharmakshetra from 10th December to 13th December, 2009,

Respected Sai Brothers and Sisters, Sai Ram, to all padhuga members . 

As you start reading this communication, along with the Invitation, I can visualize your fully blossomed cheerful faces. Because this message brings to you the wonderful news of the impending Sai Padhuga Festival to be performed during second week of December 2009, in Dharmakshethra, Mumbai.
Every one of you is worshipping Divine Sai Padhugas, installed in your Homes, with all reverence and devotion. This devoted sadhana ensures peace, prosperity, health and wealth. We should remember Swami's declaration that Swami is always present wherever His Padhugas are installed and worshipped.
Please find enclosed the Invitation from Sri Sai Padhuga Trust for Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai 16th Padhuga Pooja Mahotsavam. The four days long Padhuga Pooja function commences from Thursday, the 10th December 2009 and concludes on Sunday, the 13th December 2009. The venue for this Divine event will be, "DHARMAKSHETRA", Mahakali Caves Road, ANDHERI (EAST) MUMBAI-400059, MAHARASHTRA STATE, INDIA.


A month ago, I arrived in Prasanthi Nilayam, to seek permission and blessings for planning the 16th Sri Sai Padhuga Prathishta Mahothsavam. I was carrying with me a newly designed pair of Padhugas, seeking the Blessings of our Dear Sai. All of you are aware that every year, Sai Padhuga Trust designs and produces different types of Padhugas. This year the concept of the Design is "ASHTA DIK PALAKAS", the protectors of 8 different directions. I shall deliberate on this concept separately, elsewhere in this message of communications.

It was evening Darshan time. I was sitting in the veranda of the Prasanthi Mandir, waiting for the arrival of our Lord, with prayers and chanting Sree Gayatri. The Veda chanting was over and Bhajan by students had just begun. There was a small movement outside "Yajur Mandir" indicating Bhagawan's arrival.

Soon with all charming radiant face, Bhagawan Baba entered Sri Sai Kulwanth Hall. The Hall was full and overflowing. The devotees were feasting on the glory of Divine Darshan. Taking a full round, Swami gently entered the verandah.

I was fortunate enough to get the call from Bhagawan and with overflowing joy I entered the interview room. As I entered, Bhagawan smilingly asked me, "Srinivasan where you are going to conduct the Padhuga Pooja this year?" I was keeping silent for couple of seconds. Immediately Bhagawan Himself, commanded, "Keep the Padhuga Pooja in Dharmakshetra, in Mumbai. I will inform all the organizers to be with you for the pooja".

Sri Sai Padhuga Trust is very fortunate to hold Padhuga Pooja in the "Dharmakshetra' which is purely determined by Bhagawan Himself. I said, Swami I have brought Ashta-Dik Pala Padhugas with me, and I pray that Swami should bless it as He was granting every year".

Bhagawan was very happy to see the Ashta-Dik Pala Padhugas and He was asking me the reasons for making this type of Padhugas. I said that, "Swami you inspire us. We are guided by you, to chant the Samastha Lokha Sukhino Bhavanthu at the end of the Bhajan. We explained to everybody that "All Beings in all the Lokhas to be happy and attain prosperity".

I further mentioned, "Swami you have showed us that you are Aadhi Siva by installing Ashta-Dik Palakas on the eight sides of the Yajur Mandir. (The Divine Resident of Swami). The Siva (you) then blesses the eight palakas who are carefully guarding not only the earth, but the entire universe which includes many other planets". Bhagawan Baba is omniscient and He knows the significance and all the features of Ashta-Dik Pala Padhugas. However Swami asked me to explain, to give us "Aananda" to His enthusiastic devotees. Swami is giving the devotees' opportunities to answer His questions from the devotee's mouth, which in turn gives Aananda, to Swami Himself. It is usually like a play between a mother and her child.

As prayed by me, Bhagawan with abundant Love and Affection wore the Ashta-Dik Pala Padhugas on His Lotus Feet.. Then Swami accepted the prayers and once again blessed the proposed 16th Padhuga function in a grand manner. Swami thereafter gave me a golden opportunity to perform Padha Pooja at His Lotus Feet with the new Ashta-Dik Pala Padhugas. This is indeed a great honour to Sri Sai Padhuga Trust, Madurai.

For full details of The Yagnas of This Year please download the link of the padhuga pooja pdf file (which is quite large – over 9.73 mb – and may take over 30 minutes to download depending on your bandwidth speed), 

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16th Padhuga Pooja - Mahotsavam at Dharmakshetra ( File size over 9.73 mb)

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