Invitation to Sri Sai Padhuga Pooja

Sai Ram, to Everybody:

You would have all received my earlier mail announcing the impending Holy event of SRI SAI PADHUGA POOJA, on 10th to 13th December, at Dharmakshethra, Mumbai. (Padhuga Pooja at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai )

I am now sending you the scanned copy of Invitation card, from Sri SaiPadhuga Trust, Madurai.

I would request each and every one of you to make it possible to come to the blessed land of Dharmakshethra, Mumbai and participate in the Sri Sai Padhuga Pooja Mahothsavam which has been Blessed by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Babavaaru.

With Love & Regards,
Bombay Srinivasan

Attached Pdf Invitation Copy

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