He is Swami's Love ATM. Dispensing Divine love 24 x 7.

Om Sairam

We really miss Hadshi which haunts the momory no end. Every cell of the brain is populated with Hadshi memories. The impact is indelible.  High on Richter scale !

But when God descends to the delight of the devotees, how can the dumbstruck devotees describe the experience in toto.

When the ones who couldn't make it to Hadshi for personal reasons, asked for details, we fell far short of the standards with which we should describe the Cosmic Event. ...

As we were feeling helpless, looking around for help suddenly like lightning came in, the one and only, unparalleled Anil Kumar's thunderous description of Hadshi...

Just click the following link and get re-transported to Hadshi. It is Swami's lovely Gift to us.

Come. Hear this spell-binding description of Hadshi visit. With the Hadshified Anil Kumar raving and ranting non-stop.. with his trade mark Abhinayas and Roaring Garjana..This time peaking out like never before.

Try fighting tears and fail. And drench your keyboards for sure..

Anil Kumar is Swami's Love ATM. Dispensing Divine love 24 x 7.

OK. Many queries on the Video of Sh. Anil Kumar on Hadshi in response to our earlier mails on this...

Some Excerpts from Anil Kumar's talk on Hadshi visit.....

1. Swami was very happy with Jadhav family and He spent more than  an hour after Dinner, speaking to them appreciating their dedication and blessing their future generations also..

2. Swami mentioned that every year He would visit Hadshi... (W..AAA...V)

3. Anil Kumar describing in details the Hoardings put up by us along the way upto Mumbai

4. At the end though not related to Hadshi, we (Chembur team) were thrilled by an insignificant passing remark by Anil Kumar ji about -"Mirchi Wadi" the village originally located and identified for Seva by our Chembur team and serviced for more than one year by going there every week for Balvikas, Medical and Narayan seva and later transferred to Ambarnath. Barclays Bank team with our Sai Students did a marvelous job by taking the project under CSR and won International award. They went to London to receive the award for Mirchi Wadi, Anil Kumar ji mentioned in the talk.

Now the tech issues many face..

1. "Buffering" message appears and the video stops...

India is poor on one more count. Bandwidth. Ours is a bandwidth-starved country. Internet bandwidth is just enough to see your e-mails. But when you see a heavy video
streaming like that of Anil Kumar's Hadshi talk, then it frustratingly "buffers" for ever..due to low bandwidth not able to allow the flow non stop.

So what do we do...

Simple. You can reduce the volume to zero and let it buffer and keep moving in jerks till the end. You go about your work in computer as it is happening in the background.Then click replay . Now you can see the entire film in one go uninterrupted however low your bandwidth is.


Click Pause and see the buffering band keep moving ahead slowly while the movie has paused. Once the moving band reaches the other end, it is fully buffered and you can click play In the meantime you can go about your other work in the computer

How do you know..?

Being Dust (ChemburDust) , we are everywhere..!!!

We learnt these tricks by Trial and Error(less Trial more Error) and now share with you,knowing that our 'Error' could be your'Trial'.

These tricks apply to all You tube videos also.

Don't miss the Satsang Videos of Anil Kumar. As we already mentioned he is Swami installed ATM next door. Just click and draw 'Bliss' as much as you want. Remember it is "Sirf Bhagawan. Baki sab Bakwas" in this world.

2. Can we download this video of Anil Kumar...

What you see in the link sent by us is actually in Flash movie format. Hence it won't allow you to download. But if you really want to download the video of Anil Kumar's Hadshi talk and also other Sunday Satsang you may do so easily by going to his site.. and click on download.

3. When we clicked the link in your mail, we get some other video of Anil Kumar..

Ok. we found that the Sai TV spanish people have put in another video of Anil Kumar ji
now. Our Hadshi talk is also there but for reaching that you have to go to the bottom of the screen coming up and click "Next" just next to "full screen" and you will get the following  screen where it is mentioned about "The Divine visit to Pune and Mumbai - 08-11-2009"

This is the video on Hadshi by Anil Kumar, the most outstanding one of all his videos so far as many people told us...You can also go to Mr.Anil Kumars own website also to get all his talks including that of Hadshi.

4. When some of your earlier mails have come, this one has not reached us and we came to know from others.

Sorry. We follow the dictum "With Malice towards one and all" (Courtesy: Kushwant singh) and don't differentiate.

Sometimes the mails which do not carry your id in "To" or "cc" but only in "bcc" which our mails are, are redirected by your email system to Junk (Where else will the "Dust" settle?) Mails. Please open your Junk Mail box or spam mail box and you would find many missing mails there. It makes sense to open that and see as sometimes some of your important mails too can land there if your id is in bcc of the senders mail

If you are still not confused despite our efforts.. you have got it. Don't Miss Anil Kumar talks..


Om Sairam


Om Sairam Dearest Sai Family,

Here is a beautiful video update of the most successful divine visit of our beloved Lord to Pune (pronounced as punay) and Mumbai which is still the talk of the town.

Millions of Sai brothers and sisters all over the world were eagerly awaiting the updates of the holy visit. All of us are very much indebted to Maharashtra Sai organisation's website and's efforts to bring the upto date news to all of us, also not to forget the efforts of team who equally did very good job in reporting even though some brothers and sisters said so many CLICK HERE thumbnails here and there didn't give them a smooth reading..

Inspite of all the reports on various websites, every one of us were eager to know more and more about Swami and why not, when it comes to our Lord, we always want to know more..

Prof. Anil Kumar who was fortunate to accompany Swami, very kindly shared his experiences of this trip. Every one of us want to know minute details like what would have happened in the flight, how would the captain make an announcement and so on.. Prof. Anil Kumar who could catch the pulse of the Sai Family, shared these kind of minute details and this talk in particular is a treat to eyes, mouth, soul. As one watches this video, food lovers will have mouth watering experience when Prof. Anil Kumar explains the kind of food they were served in Pune and Mumbai..

Prof. Anil Kumar also explains the devotion the Jadhav brothers have for Swami and the words of appreciation and blessings Swami showered on their family, Swami even told the family that He was very much impressed by the little village Hadshi and said He would love to come and stay at least 10 days in a year..

Prof.Anil Kumar in this video also gives a pictorial description of the beautiful Abode of Swami and the kind of beautiful carvings the Abode had..

Mumbai has about 300 former students of Sri Sathya Sai University and Prof. Anil Kumar specially mentioned brother Sai Krishna Reddy and Brother Abhishek Sharma for winning the prestigious International Bank Chairman Award for corporate social responsibility on behalf of Baclays bank.

As they say in telugu TINABOTU RUCHI ENDUKU.. Why ask for taste when the food is served right infront of you..

Please click the following link to enjoy Prof. Anil Kumar's satsang

09.11.09 08.11.09 the divine visit to pune and mumbai Download 408
High Speed Low speed

Do visit to download, text, audio and also video of Prof.Anil Kumar's Sunday Satsangs.

This website is of great help for Balvikas students, Gurus, study circles and also to uplift your Spiritual journey..

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With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of our beloved Lord,

R. Satish Naik

Tuesday, 10 November, 2009 8:38 PM


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