Talk by Dato J Jegadeesan - Legacy of Sathya Sai Avathar

On 19th December 2010 Dato J Jegadeesan of Malaysia, an engaging and charismatic speaker, spoke at Dharmakshetra to a large number of Active workers from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai on "The Legacy of Sathya Sai Avathar".

After a brief introduction by the District President of Mumbai Shri Nimish G Pandya, Dato J Jegadeesan began his inspiring talk. "What should be the legacy of Sathya Sai Avathar?. Should Sathya Sai Devotees play a role in fulfilling this legacy?.

During his one hour talk he explained very vividly how sai devotees should help the organisations to go about in channelising and documenting all information, photos and videos and thus be instrumental in contributing to the legacy of Sathya Sai Avathar so that the future generations can imbibe the bliss by going through them.

He concluded his talk with a beautiful bhajan -"Vinaayaga Vinaayaga I pray to you Lord Vinayaaga..."

A brief write up on Dato Jegadeesan

Dato J. Jagadeesan after retiring from Malaysian Government Service, is now Senior Investment Advisor for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). Jagadeesan also travels extensively for his consulting work with UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development based in Geneva, Switzerland) and UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization based in Vienna, Austria). His vision is to utilize his experience in Economic Development in Malaysia to help make at least one Southern nation (in Africa) economically stable. He continues to work closely with various United Nations agencies (among them UNDP - United Nations Development Programs) to make this vision possible for other countries as well.

His portfolio of social and spiritual work include being the World Youth Coordinator to the International Sathya Sai Baba Organization, Advisor to the Sathya SAI Central Council of Malaysia, Founder of the Malaysian Friendship Group for Human Values and a Caring Society, Founder of T.R.A.C. (Tradition, Religion, Aspiration and Culture) and ATMAH (Action to mobiles all Hindus/Humanity)for service to the needy!

Dato J Jegadeesan is actively involved in service for the needy, inter-faith activities and the upliftment of Human Values in Society. He also sings and has been inspired to compose over 1000 songs dedicated to Divinity and human values in both English and Tamil.! He has also produced tapes of Bhajan / spiritual / religious songs that he considers are Sai Baba’s gift to him. He has to-date authored many books and publications which are sold internationally and also a series of CDs called “HINDUISM_ THE MOVIE “that explain the inner significance of the Hindu Religion ,God Forms etc.

He is the recipient of many honors/awards and has written several books: Unleashing the Power of the Mind, Everyday Human Values, Unity of Faiths, The Light Within, and what he considers his major works i.e. the Journey to God series (I – IV) and the recent book on Evolution and Sparks from the Divine Fire (on the Vedas).

In his continuing attempt to promote inter-faith harmony in Malaysia he being the founder of the Friendship Group for Human Values and a Caring Society –launched major service activities during different religious occasions in Malaysia – Christmas, Ramadan, Deepavali, Chinese New Year etc.

Currently, he is in the midst of getting the Council of Churches, the Buddhist Society, the Hindu Society and Muslim Groups in Malaysia to come together to form a Friendship Group for Inter Faith Service with the Sai Council of Malaysia as the coordinator. All these different Religions groups are prepared to listen because of the impressive credential of SAI organization for service and Human Values in Malaysia.

Being a Hindu and following Baba’s call that one must follow one’s Religion, and that the Avarthar is here to make a Hindu, Christian and Buddhist etc a better Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, he has activated Hindu Groups in Malaysia to form an “Action To Mobilize All Hindus” (ATMAH) Task Force to go down to the poor and offer services to the needy of all races and religions in Malaysia. This is being done through the main Hindu Coordinating Organization in Malaysia (Hindu Sangam).

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