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YAP: ZONE 1 - 'Self Esteem' Workshop

As you know, the annual Youth Awareness Program (YAP) in colleges did not take off at the district level this year, yet we wanted to maintain the rapport and continuity at SNDT college, Marine Lines, from where we used to have a huge number of enthusiastic participants each year. We therefore chose to conduct the YAP event this year, at this college alone, with a different touch, such that it is more productive for the students in the long run.

We discussed with the SNDT college Professors and Principal and planned a series of 'Personality Development & Character Building' workshops for their students.

We are very happy to inform you that on 18th Dec 2010, we kicked off the first such event, which was an interactive workshop on "SELF ESTEEM - Maybe the Biggest Qualification in Today's World", wherein we invited Shri Gopal Rao, Managing Director, Landmark Forum to facilitate the same.

It was a great success as there were over 120 students who participated from this college alongwith some of their Professors and the Principal himself, who also sat through the entire session.

It was very interesting as Shri Gopal Rao brought in live examples and made the students dwell upon the essence of Self Esteem and all those students who seemed to be very quite, opened up barely within the first 15 minutes of listening to Shri Gopal Rao. They shared some of their fears and concerns to which Shri Gopal Rao provided some lucid, useful tips.

Some of the highlights and take-aways were:
Source of Self Esteem,
Integrity - is reliability indeed
Importance of keeping one's word
The misplaced focus on Reputation,
The impact of seeking admiration which is the cheap substitute for a life that matters
A life of service and making a difference.
The importance of one's relationship with parents and the damage done when that is not addressed. Importance of
The Principal very much appreciated our efforts in putting through this session and he has vouched his support for our future events as well.

We do have a number of sessions in the pipeline in the forthcoming months, and we will keep you posted on them.

Please follow the link below to view the photos of this event:

Photos of Youth Awareness Program - Self Esteem Seminar - 18th December 2010 - Zone 1