The Real Truth Behind Swami's Visit

Om Sri Sairam

Initially we mistook it to be Jadhav's celebration of Baba's visit. After few rounds, we discovered the truth !

Initially we mistook it tobe Jadhav's celebration of Baba's visit. After few rounds, we discovered the truth !

These are harvest days in Mumbai's Spiritual Cultivation. After  spectacular Darshan and Bhaashan in Hadshi, that has shot to fame overnight, Baba moved to Mumbai.

It was as though a 'Soul-Service-Centre'  was set up by the Gods at  Hadshi, en route heaven in our long arduous journey over several births...

We, with ignorance as our only real possession, moved around  intercepting a few, for sharing their experience in Gods Own mini Kingdom-Hadshi

Some conservative village women (still around carrying the badge of Indian culture), with pots on their heads hurried to join the traditional welcome to Baba...

Carrying Pot on head & Baba in heart....The real ambassadors of  India marching on...

Villagers from Pandurang Seva Mandali Dongargaon nearby, said  that they were excited over the prospect of having darshan of Baba for the first time.

The group conducts Bhajan in their Gaon everyday..

"We are excited over Baba's darshan for the first time.."

Little kids dressed up in traditional Marathi attire trouped up from  Village Chalegaon and their enthusiasm was boundless...

Little Devotees with boundless enthu.. A huge band of villagers from Sholapur Dist marched about in all directions looking for vantage points for Darshan.. hunting for vantage points for darshan....

In the middle, we spotted a Sikh student. He has been learning Vedas for last one year and is a student of Gurunanak College, Pune. He recounted his first meeting with Baba when he got a chance to offer a Rose flower to Him during last Aashadi.  He was Maha thrilled to get a chance to chant Veda before Swami this time. Oh! Vedas are beyond Religious slants.. We learn and move on..

The otherwise incongruent city folks whose 'adopted mother tongue' is English(!), merged with the inarticulate villagers and created a great amalgam of Bhakti while divinity played the Catalyst ! Proof: Look below the topi clad villager hobnobbing with elite of Mumbai..

....Topi clad villagers at par with Elite of Mumbai in Divine Durbar...

A power-driven Hang glider played Eagle, up above in the sky  making several rounds and showering flowers over audience once.

And many such snapshots enthralled us, as we looked around.

Initially we mistook it to be Jadhavs celebration of Swami's visit.  After few rounds, we discovered the truth. Its Swami's celebration of Jadhavs love. If a humble devotee pours Love on the Lord with pure heart in all humility, the Lord would come running to him  and celebrate it in unparalleled Celestial Grandeur. Yes. It was a Cosmic Event of Sorts. Only our Cameras didn]t have a feature to capture the Devas up above, blissfully watching.

As though to corroborate our views,  Baba hinted in His divine  discourse about Sakkubai's love for God despite all hardships and how her Bhakti was rewarded by God Himself assuming her form and doing household chores. (For the Newgen hearing her name first time, kindly type "Sakkubai" in Google and see 31500 coming up in 0.26 secs)

After this enlightening speech, we were moved to tears and  looked  around for Jadhav, to thank him for this spectacular show and all arrangements par excellence. But we couldn't locate him as he must have been busy tying up a loose end in some obscure corner with his trademark humility, by now elevated to a form of Art.

We the cityfolks, who are trained to jargonise, raise decibel level,  harvest eyeballs, increase footfall and maximise mileage as though suffering from full blown Attention Deficiency Syn..should learn a thing or two from  Jadhav brothers' package deal with God - "Low key. Humble. Pure Bhakti. Low decibel. Feet-on-Street". It is impossible for God not to come. He has to rush and celebrate this Pure Love in tons. And He did.

Yes. Hadshi was His celebration of Jadhav's Love.

Come.  Lets Hadshify our hearts with humility and Pure Love. And let the Divine celebrate...

Om Sairam

With humble Pranaam
At the Lotus Feet