Bhagawan in Mumbai

31st October, 2009

Bhagawan arrived at Dharmakshetra finally at 1.50 pm,

And that too after a gap of above eight years.

He was given a very grand and colorful welcome  Veda chanting started as soon as Bhagawan entered Dharmakshetra.

Bal Vikas children with their colorful costumes stood on either side of the road.

Bhagawan went straight up to his residence "Satya Deep"

Bhagawan arrived at Bombay Exhibition Centre, NSE Complex, at the Air-conditioned Hall No 1, Western Express Highway Goregaon (East), Mumbai around 6.05 pm and He was there for an hour and left while the Aarti was being performed.

There was a huge crowd today. It took us almost half an hour to move out to the main road. The hall was packed fully and many had to wait outside to have a glimpse of Bhagawan. More than 40000 people approximately. This is just my wild guess....

The noted renowned vocalist Shri Sonu Nigam and his musicians took padnamaskar before starting the program.

Sonu Nigam sang about some half a dozen devotional songs. some of which were from the film, Shirdi Ke Sai Baba. He also requested Bhagawan whether he could sing his favourite philosophical song for Him " Kal Ho Na Ho". The audience witnessing this play of love between Bhagawan and Sonu Nigam smiled and clapped.

The audience enjoyed each and every devotional songs offered by Sonu Nigam and his orchestra.

At the end of the program Sonu Nigam Bhagwan materialised a ring and put it on his finger.


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