Shivaji B.Jadhav the man behind "Sri Sathya Sai Pandurang Kshetra" gives a brief interview to ChemburDust.

When humility is given a name and form it would almost end up as "Shivaji B. Jadhav", whose dream-come-true Project is Sri Sathya Sai Pandurang Kshetra, the name on the lips of every Sai devotee in Maharashtra these days.

Overawed by the postings of the pix of the amazing structure in picturesque location in Hadshi near Lonavla, Our team with journo reflexes set out on 19th Oct 09,in search of the man behind "Sri Sathya Sai Pandurang Kshetra" - Mr.Shivaji B.Jadhav to get the story straight from the 'horses mouth'.

We landed there after circum-ambulating the Pauna dam to figure out this structure playing truant tucked away in a corner, on the lap of western ghats, about an hour from Lonavla.

On finding an active worker flitting around with labourers, we stopped and asked him whether he knows where Mr.Jadhav was. And the reply shocked us rudely, though we managed to hide. "I am the Jadhav you are searching." The man who bought and dedicated acres of land for this amazing temple with sprawling lawns, looked maha-simple merging with the labourers around.

Our cunning Metro-mind emitted signals of disbelief. And demanded his visiting card, for a micro- due diligence. Simplicity seemed to be in his DNA as we discovered, when he introduced his brother, another simpleton bowing in respect standing next to him.

'Pure Love with Simplicity' is a deadly combo that can win over the world hands down. Somehow the world seems to miss the message though God sent one Mohandas, looking like Ben Kingsley a few decades back !

Though we are not from the real journo clan, to get the right bytes and present professionally, we tried to put our best foot forward.
After enquiring about our Seva Activities, Jadhav ji enthusiastically fielded our questions, while our jaws dropped on hearing in seriatum how our good Lord guided him in every step.

Now excerpts from his exclusive interview to us-

After acquiring the huge acres of land in Hadshi in 2002, he asked Baba for guidance to build a temple. And got the divine sanction. Baba Himself named it as Pandurang Kshetra and approved the Plan of the structures.

By July 2003 the temple was completed with huge sprawling lawn overlooking the expanse of water down below, as though in perennial 'house arrest' by Pauna dam.

When we looked around, it looked like- Nature was in her bridal make-up. (as though unblemished by our city Parlours' over-dos who 'charge' to spoil the gals' graceful looks!)

Nature in bridal make-up in Hadshi... Sri Sathya Sai Pandurang Kshetra

In Mar 2004, Jadhavs invited Swami to inaugurate. But one more lesson was to be taught through Jadhav ji to the world by our good Lord-  i.e Patience with Grace. Another combo pack that can singularly elevate a human soul to great heights. We badly need this lesson at a time, when instant gratification has become the norm. In fact, we don't spare even God. Prayers are constructed as 'deals'. Any delay is a deal-breaker. Proof List of Man-forsaken Gods - Tried,. Tested,  .Dropped.

Patience is almost a forgotten virtue now. And here is our Jadhav ji, who built an amazing temple with Crores and waited. Listening to divine whispers "Wait.Wait" as Mantra and turning the entire 'Waiting' itself as 'Tapasya'.

And the Tapasya shall be yielding the fruits. After 6 long years. Precisely in the year 2009. More Precisely on 28th Oct. 11.30 am

Yes. End of Tapasya, Baba confirmed He would be coming down to His Bhakta. To do the Murthi Sthapana in the Mandir, Himself.

We, the Metro-Spirituals learnt a lot. Jadhav's Simplicity, Patience, Unassuming demenour And above all humility with which he carried himself, despite completing the massive project with his own funds and dedicating to mankind.

But the Kshetra is not to merely visit like any picnic spot around. But to capture the subtle vibes that carry the virtues of Jadhavs blessed by Baba by His divine presence, in silent meditation.

With many labourers around seeking his guidance, we couldn't hold Jadhav ji for long. Heavy hearted, we left. Promising to come back again on 28th Oct, as he gave us the formal invitation to be given to our readers.

(Program details pasted below)

So here we go on our next steps.... Out team has been into overnight meditation in Dharmakshetra and in Palasdhari in the past. Now we shall formalise and launch it as - "Sri Sathya Sai Sampoorna Rathri Dhyan Sadhana" as individual sadhana to silently meditate overnight on outside lawns around Pandurang Kshetra on 28th Night with the Divine Presence in the Kshetra. And follow it up regularly thereafter in various other places of divine vibes. In low key without fanfare. To learn to sink in oblivion and vanish as dust. (Chembur Dust that is...)

Come. Join the new experiments with divine Love.

With humble Salutations to Jadhavs of Pandurang Kshetra..



Posted 18.10.209

Program details given by Mr.Jadhav to us: (as per Printed Invitation)

Wed 28th Oct 09
11.30 am Arrival of Bhagwan Baba at the venue (Sri Sathya Sai Pandurang Kshetra)
Welcome Procession of Dindi from Ganesha Temple to Baba Niwas

02.00 pm Maha Prasad

05.00 pm Darshan
Cultural Program

Thursday 29th Oct 09

09.00 am Murthi Sthapana and Pranprathistha of Lord Siddhivinayak, Sri Vittal Rukmini and Sri Shirdi Sai Baba by Bhagwan Baba

05.00 pm Divine Discourse by Bhagwan Baba

Friday 30 Oct 09

09.00 am Darshan

05.00 pm Cultural Program

Saturday 31st Oct 09

09.00 am Departure of Pandurangkshetra to Dharmakshetra, Mumbai

Address of the venue:

Sri Sathya Sai Pandurang Kshetra
At: Hadshi, Post: Kashig
Paud-Lonavala Road,
Dist Pune

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