GOOD NEWS! As per latest information received by us on 26.10.2009 Swami has extended his stay in Mumbai by one more day. i.e. upto 2nd November 09. Please visit this site for the latest updated programme of the Divine Visit of Bhagawan....Sai Ram

Aum Sri Sairam

Just left for Hadshi this evening. The distance covered from Dharmakshetra to Hadshi was approximately 140 kms and it took us a clear three hours drive by car to reach  Chinmaya Vibhooti, about 3 kms away from Panduranga Kshetra,  where we are staying .

A lots of devotees from Mumbai have arrived and are put up at Chinmaya Vibhooti and Girivan in Hadshi.

We could see the beautiful lighting arrangements of Pandurang Kshetra which was much further up on the hilltop while we drove to our cottage at Chinmaya Vibhooti. The view was all the more beautiful since we drove on the dark road. The brilliance of the lights around the mandir and Swami's residence was just awesome.

The devotees of  Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba from Mumbai were thrilled to hear that Bhagawan has extended his stay for one more day i.e upto 2nd November, 2009. While, it was originally planned to have only two darshans for Mumbai public, on Bhagwan's visit to Mumbai, it was later announced that Swami had agreed to stay for one more day in Mumbai-verily, a topping on the ice-cream. Yes, Swami has agreed to stay for further one more day. Maybe a spoon of honey to be added to the toppings on the ice cream would just be a wholesome meal for the devotees of Mumbai (in terms of Swami's last visit to Mumbai on 1st June, 2001) who have been looking forward to His visit for a very, very long time.

As per latest announcement made officially by the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation  Maharashtra , the noted renowned vocalist Shri Sonu Nigam will be offering devotional songs at the Divine Lotus Feet on 31st October, 2009, at Bombay Exhibition Centre, NSE Complex, at the Air-conditioned Hall No 1, Western Express Highway Goregaon (East), Mumbai.

On 1st November, 2009, no cultural programme has been announced. Instead there would only be Divine Darshan and Bhajans at Gandhi Maidan (Jamboree Maidan) G M Bhosale Marg Opp BDD Chawls , Worli Naka at 9 am..

On the same evening it has been announced that a musical programme would be held at CCI Lawns, Brabourne Stadium, Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate. The entrance to the venue is from Churchgate.

Rahul Sharma son of noted Santoor Player Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma and his fusion group will be performing before Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on the CCI Lawns at 5 pm. The CCI Lawns has a capacity to hold over 15000 people. The CCI ground has always been my favourite venue. During my college days, my Dad used to take me there to watch the match. I have played on this ground and have fond memories of the same. And now with Bhagawan giving darshan here, I too hope it will add to my cherished memories. Incidentally this is the second time that Bhagawan will be giving darshan to the public at the CCI Lawns. The last time Bhagawan visited the CCI Ground was in the year 1984.

Will keep you all informed in brief about the events in Hadshi tomorrow, with Bhagawan's arrival with his students and staffs. About 48 people in the group are expected to accompany Bhagawan

Morning Darshan - Wednesday, 28th October, 2009

This morning in Hadshi it was very pleasant and cool, unlike Mumbai where the humidity is very high. The entire area around Hadshi is very fertile, green and beautiful, surrounded by mountains and a lake. In the afternoon, it becomes warm and dry.

Thousands of people have gathered here for Swami's Darshan at Pandurang Kshetra. Swami gave a very brief car darshan for about 5-7 minutes. Veda Chantings started as soon as Swami entered the mandap which was beautifully decorated for Him. He was welcomed with floral offerings by Jadhav family members which he accepted lovingly.  Swami's car entered the mandap around 12.10 pm. There was also a Dindi Procession from Ganesh Temple. Only the lucky few on one side of the mandap were able to get a glimpse of Bhagawan's face as He was seated inside the car. The devotees on the other side were not able to get proper darshan.  Though we are ageing day by day, Swami's face is eternally youthful. This is because He is Purity Personified. For those who are pure in heart, they shall always remain young.  

Due to networking problems, most of the mobile connections do not work here. Only Idea Mobile Phones were working. All photographs covering the entire events will be shown to you , once we arrive in Mumbai since most of the data card belonging to various networking companies are not able to get the connections through the internet.. Please also do log in to where our Mumbai team is covering all events of Swami's visit in Hadshi and Mumbai.

Evening Darshan - Wednesday, 28th October,  2009

People from all over Maharashtra flocked here at Pandurang Kshetra to have darshan of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. My personal estimate about the number of people who came here for Bhagawan's Divine Darshan would definitely be between 25000 to 30000 in numbers

Sai Krishna has come to give Ananda  to one and all irrespective of caste or creed. He has come to heal our hearts and fill them with love, love and only love.

The programme started at around 5 pm with Bhajans by Pune Samithis. Bhagawan arrived around 6.05 pm and He was here till 7.25 pm. 

People today had a much satisfying darshan for a longer time, and they took all the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of His Form and the aura of His Love embracing one and all. One could see blissful and happy smiles on the faces of the people, after the programme concluded.

Soulful bhajans were sung by Nitin Mukesh, Kavita Krishnamurthy and Sapna Mukherjee. Around eight bhajans were sung between them. Bhagawan was reluctant to leave the dais. One could see Swami enjoying the bhajans. At times, His Hand would even move to the beat of the music. At the end of the musical programme ,Swami blessed all the artists and musicians with gifts.

After Aarti ,Swami retired for the day.

Morning Darshan - Thursday, 29th October, 2009

Today morning,  there were three places in Pandurang Kshetra where the Murthi Sthapana and Pranprathistha of Lord Siddhivinayak, Sri Shirdi Sai Baba and Sri Vitthal Rukmini was to be consecrated at Divine Hands of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Bhagawan arrived around 9.10 am ,and first blessed the idol of Lord Siddhivinayak, He was here for the Murthi Sthapana for almost 15 minutes. Later, Bhagwan gave darshan to the vast crowd assembled in the lawns . A lot of devotees from Mumbai, Pune and other neighboring areas thronged to have a glimpse of Bhagawan.  And Bhagawan did not disappointment them.

Immediately ,after the Murthi Sthapana of Lord Vitthal Rukmini, Bhagawan sat in full view of the public for almost half an hour.  Some lovely Vithala bhajans were being played in the background. At a close distance, one could feel that He was enjoying the bhajans very much. In between He too blessed a number of people sitting around Him including past Home Minister for Govt. of India, Sri Shivraj Patil and the renowned santoor player Pandit Shivkumar Sharma and his family.

Later Bhagawan blessed the idol of Shirdi Sai and Vitthal Rukmini . Bhagawan, then went to the adjoining lawn where the havan was being performed by the pandits. Bhagawan added large spoonfuls of oil into the havan while the vedic rituals was heard in the background.

Bhagawan then retired to his residence around 11 am

Evening Darshan - Thursday, 29th October, 2009

The crowd for the Divine Discourse was much larger than yesterday evening, Bhagawan arrived at Pandurang Kshetra around 6 pm. There was a short speech by the  All India President Sri Srinivasan who spoke in Hindi and said that Bhagawan was very happy with the work done by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Maharashtra. He said that only when the state turns into Sai Rashtra ,then only it can become real Maharashtra. There was also a short talk in Marathi by Nishikant

Baba began His discourse and spoke about Love & Atman. The text of the full discourse should be released soon. The discourse translated in English and Marathi simultaneously lasted for almost an hour before He retired for the day. The evening program concluded around 7.45 pm

Morning Darshan - Friday, 30th October, 2009

Swami was escorted to the stage, with a red umbrella being held above Him, due to the strong sunlight. He reached the stage at 11.05 am while the Parthi Boys were singing melodious bhajans. Swami also gave chance to the bal vikas children to sing few bhajans, and he seemed to be enjoying the devotional singing of the little ones.

The morning programme concluded at 11.45 am with the Aarti.

Evening Darshan - Friday, 30th October, 2009

"The Little Champs" - three girls and two boys gave a heart rending performance in the presence of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. These five "Little Champs" have performed in Marathi TV Channels.

Bhagawan arrived on the stage around 6.15 pm. The group of the above "Famous Five Little Champs" sang three devotional songs each. Bhagawan asked them to sing one more song and they all sang together. It finally added up to a total of 16 songs . Truly, one of the most memorable performance we all had witnessed today..

Each of the children had the opportunity to touch His feet a number of times. Swami gave lots of love and time to them. Some of the singers even requested Swami if He could bless their little brother and sister. Swami lovingly accepted these requests and even pinched some of the children on the cheeks.

"The Little Champs" and the musicians were  given mementos by Bhagawan.

The program concluded around 7.50 pm by offering to Aarti to Swami who sat throughout the Aarti.

Bhagawan will be leaving Hadshi for Mumbai tomorrow morning. And we are all waiting for Him to bless the city of Mumbai.

We shall be putting up the photos very soon.......


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