Darshan II

Om Sri Sairam

There is a possibility of Darshan of Baba yet again.. Darshan II

Baba left Mumbai for Parthi.... In a way He neither came nor left. As Pure transcendental Consciousness that He is, coming and going have no meaning..

What coming and going...Am always there in your hearts...

But for mortals that we are He created the optical illusion... Like 100 kms above the Earth what is Up, what is Down? what is East? what is West? Ask an Astronaut and he will laugh. With little knowledge, many set out to measure God and end up in mess.

Let the hair down. And experience divinity. Like a romantic Sunset. Or a beautiful brook. Nature is beyond human Logic. (If in doubt, ask Meteorological dept !)  And Nature's author is even beyond that. Just Experience. With the raw innocence of a Child.

Baba has to be only experienced. And the City did just that. He is the touch-n-feel version of the abstract divinity. Available to sense organs.

Just experience the divinity... The city just did that..

His visit couldn't have been better timed...Almost everyone, from a Farmer to Industrialist in the state, started giving up ..."Ab bhahut ho gaya"- in the face of conflicts from all corners..The threat to existence is from both internal and external. As we have Mao striking from inside and Pak militants from outside. Symbolic of everyone's state of mind.

We need to get deeply spiritual to figure out the remedy to all our ills. As Mankind did at every strike of disaster in the past. Prayers went up. Blessings came down.

And the Visit recharged us. Filled us with divine Energy. And made us combat-ready to face the conflicts with extra vigour. Each one's Sangarsh is unique.

A conversation overheard in the dispersing crowd after Darshan,said it all. "Oh.You look so happy. Were all your questions answered?" "No. In the divine presence No questions arose."

Yes. 'The mind - quietens - and - no - questions - arise' is superior to a state of getting answer to every question endlessly. Man only Solves. God dissolves.

In the presence of the Divine Master "No Questions Arise"...

Life moves on post Baba Visit. Realising that a divine Darshan can confer what even a million logical minds cannot.  Even with Grid-computing that is..

At the end we managed to access the sent folder in every heart and read the last SMS sent - 'V luv U Baba'

Baba leaving.. reading the sms from many hearts.. "V luv U Baba"

We realise that now is the time to practice what we gathered. 'Applied Spirituality'. No Angrezi arguments..Arm chair criticism..That will dissipate the divine vibes acquired. Just serve the Poor and needy who were not resourceful enough even to reach darshan site. And see Him in them as Darshan II.

Come. Its time again for Darshan. Discover Darshan II by Serving the Poor and needy.

Love All. Serve All.
Om Sri Sairam