GOOD NEWS! As per latest information received by us on 26.10.2009 Swami has extended his stay in Mumbai by one more day. i.e. upto 2nd November 09. Please visit this site for the latest updated programme of the Divine Visit of Bhagawan....Sai Ram

Om Sri Sairam

And Baba said "Yes".

"I am coming to Mumbai on 31st Oct.

On hearing this,the blessed city went into raptures. And the Sai centres got super-active.

For some ,it is as though God responded to the oft-repeated slogan of our Ganpathi "Pudcha Varsha Lavkar yaa". And here He comes "Lavkar" before next Ganpathi.

For some with high 'Ram memory', it is like Rama coming to Ayodhya. And for the "Krishna Conscious", it is like Krishna coming to Madhura.

Everyone exercises his right to own Him. Poor Lord shows up in every heart by default as Krishna did once with all Gopikas. Each one claims tobe 'Sole Proprietor". And He is in perennial dispute with many claimants. Case adjourned in many Yugas...yet not resolved. (as some of our own civil cases.)

So Baba comes to Mumbai..Yes, It is a cosmic event !

One darshan is enough to format our heartdisk and reboot our system. And transport us to divine domains !!

We wanted to describe the event and our poor repertoire went dry. So we went back to Baba's own rich narration in " Ram Katha Rasvahini" describing the celebration in Ayodhya on Rama's return, that enables us to visualise our own Mumbai when our good Lord arrives..

And here it goes...

Cut and over to Ayodhya through Page 261 (Oh. it adds up to 9!)

"As the Ocean heaves up in joy at the sight of the autumn moon, the vast populace heaved a breath of joy at the sight of Rama "chandra", the moon.

Their excitement reached the sky. The Mothers ecstatic delight forgot themselves, caught in the flood of happiness....

Even the most ascetic among the sages couldnt restrain his tears...."

The vedic scholars showered their blessings in traditional formulae-"Live victoriously for hundreds of years..."

The citizens were overjoyed at the sight of the entourage of Rama. Rama admired the faith and devotion of the people of the city."

And it goes on....

Thanks to Swami's own narration, the same description is sure to fit so accurately on His visit to Mumbai shortly.

It goes to prove that Yugas may change, but when Love incarnates, the excitement and celebration cannot be different. For, bliss has no variants...No version updates!

We move on to capture more delightful moments among the hundreds of volunteers intoxicated by divine Love...

And a peep into the preparation sites.. It is a sight to watch the youth hopping around in excitement always carrying something in hand... In another corner,the Mahila wing meeting and planning meticulously...Their little ones scooting around without knowing the cause of the celebration,but are overjoyed to see their moms excited. A little older kids wonder whether schools will be closed on that day (31 Oct)! The middle aged brooding over many issues crying for their attention...The senior citizens wanting to pitch in and do their bit.. We could sense the Undercurrent. Their Love for their Lord makes a power energy field. Anyone in that gravitation is pulled in a jiffy...

At a time when the World is torn by Violence and Mayhem,divine Love is a breath of fresh air filling us with new Confidence.

Come... Discover in 'Divine Darshan' a new "YOU" immersed in joy, invoking divinity within.

For correct details of Darshan refer the official release.

More bytes soon...


Posted: 26.10.2009

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