Easwaramma Day Celebrations

6th May, 2010 - Mumbai



Morning Program at Dharmakshetra  on 6th May, 2010

Another most auspicious Thursday morning dawned at Dharmakshetra, the abode of our beloved Swami in Mumbai, with Suprabatham and Nagarsankeertan charging the Mandir and its surroundings, rendered by  earnest devotees . But what made this morning more significant was that it was Easwaramma Day, a day dedicated to Bhagawan’s mother . Always known for her love for children, this day was aptly celebrated by children to honour her and all mothers.  Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas children dressed in white, accompanied by enthusiastic parents and Gurus, gathered at around 6.15 am in the morning at Shanti Deep where a portrait of Mother Easwaramma too adorned the Sanctum Sanctorum of our Lord .

The session started with Bhajans being sung with gusto, by the Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas children, taking on the names of Vinayaka, Guru, Vitthala , Shiva, something that would have surely pleased the Chosen Mother . This was followed by a pledge taken by all the Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas children before their parents in the Omnipresence of Bhagawan with a fervent prayer to the Lord to help them lead a noble life imbibing the highest spiritual lessons taught  through Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas.  

Master Parth, a group II Bal Vikas student, reverentially conducted the Pledge Taking ceremony with enthusiasm and a deep sense of fervour, kneeling before his mother while the other children  followed in a similar manner repeating the words of the pledge after him .  The Pledge with its relevant pauses reads as under :

On this/ most auspicious/ Easwaramma  Day/ I / as a student of /Shri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas/, do hereby pray/ in the omnipresence/ of Bhagwan  Baba/ to love and serve my Mother/ in the following ways:-

To always obey/ respect and serve my Mother /as a living God/ who gave me birth/ and is bringing me up with affection and care/. Help me/ to make my Parents happy/ by behaving properly/ at all times/ both at home and outside/Further/ to love and respect my Motherland Bharat/ to the best of my ability/ and capacity /so as to enable me/ to put into practice /that there is only one caste / that is the caste of Humanity/ and thus broaden my heart/ to lovingly embrace/ the whole Mankind /as one family/In this manner/ I dedicate myself/ to follow the ideals of/ Bhagwan  Shri  Sathya Sai Baba/ about serving my Mother/ and thereby contributing my mite /to the peace/,  progress and prosperity/ of Mankind/ Sai ram. 

The mothers and Gurus then blessed the children praying to the Lord and the Divine Mother to always shower their Grace and Blessings on all the children.  The short morning session concluded with the chants of ‘Twameva Matacha Pita Twameva’ , thus  surrendering to Him to be our Ultimate Mother, Father, Preceptor and All. The gathering dispersed but not before Mangala Aarti was performed to the Divine Mother and Bhagawan by one and all  present.

Evening Program at Ravindra Natya Mandir on 6th May, 2010

Easwaramma Day is one of the most important festivals celebrated by sai devotees all over the world every year on 6th May. It commemorates the day when the mother of Bhagawan’s physical body attained final merger with the Divine at the end of a glorious earthly career as the mother of the Divine Universal Mother - Sai.     

On this day, 6th May, 2010, Easwaramma Day was celebrated in a grand manner and The Tenth Easwaramma Memorial Lecture was delivered at Ravindra Natya Mandir by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations Mumbai (Maharastra).

The portraits which were kept on the stage of Bhagawan and His mother Easwaramma were beautifully decorated with flowers and lighted lamps

Mahila singers from Mumbai

At 5 pm Sai sisters from Mumbai sang few bhajans paying glorious tributes to Mother Easwaramma.

Ms. Bhavana Giani on the microphone

The compere for the show Ms. Bhavana Giani, gave a fine talk on the life of Mother Easwaramma throughout the programme.

It was the 6th May 1972 about seven in the morning, Easwaramma cried out, “Swami, Swami, Swami!” Bhagavan responded immediately, “Coming, coming, coming.” Within that period she breathed her last. That was an authentic consummation, a yearning at the final moment for God. It was the sign of her holy purity. She was a model mother, chosen by God to be His mother.

Easwaramma was a poor, middle-aged, tender-hearted, pious, illiterate rural housewife. When she was invested with the onerous responsibility to mother God Himself, she rose to the occasion and with steadfast courage enacted the role and encountered the challenges. She experienced all the grief and joy, hope and despair, anxiety and assurance of the mothers (Kausalya and Yasoda) of previous incarnations Rama and Krishna.

Easwaramma, like every other Hindu housewife of her region was conversant with the Telegu ballads, legends, folk songs and tales that have gathered around Rama and Krishna. But, it took years of intimate observation and hundreds of inexplicable incidents and intimations to convince her that the child she had fondled had come to prove the Bhagavatha and the Ramayana as true.

As mother of the Avatar she was venerated by all the devotees. But, she herself was an earnest sadhak guided by her Divine son through the tangles of life. She expanded in her awareness beyond the barricades of tradition and taboo, custom and caste of her people. She rose to be the universal mother of the fast multiplying multi-lingual, multi-racial, multi-credal, global family of Sai.

After the lighting or the lamp by the Chief Guest for the evening, Smt. Ashu Suyash, MD & Country Head - India, Fidelity International, Mahilas from Borivili Samithi chanted the Durga Suktam

Chief Guest,  Smt Ashu Suyash, Smt. Kamala Pandya, Smt. Shanta Ramachandran, Smt. Munira Banatwala, Smt. Devi Rajagopal, Smt. Neela Bhatia and Smt. Santosh Sawhney were all called up on the stage.

Smt Neela Bhatia Spiritual Coordinator for Mumbai

Report on the various activities conducted by the Easwaramma Foundation around Mumbai was narrated by Smt. Neela Bhatia, Spiritual Co-ordinator for Mumbai District. The Easwaramma Foundation was initially set up in 2000, and has been growing from strength to strength each year with their various projects for the needy widows, scholarships for girl students etc, and from 1st June 2010 the Trust will be undertaking an advanced course in Tailoring and Designing, and also courses on Nursing and English speaking. Easwaramma Gayatri was then chanted at the conclusion of her report.

Chief Guest  Smt. Ashu Suyash, MD & Country Head - India, Fidelity International,

Chief Guest, Smt. Ashu Suyash spoke in great detail about women role in bringing about social change. The woman with her noble qualities, like forbearance, compassion, love, modesty, bashfulness, tolerance, patience. courage, sacrifice, and the adventurous spirit have been instrumental and influenced their children in social change.

Just to give a few examples - Putlibai on Mahatma Gandhi, Jijabai on Shivaji, Aryamba on Shankaracharya and Nancy Lincoln on Abraham Lincoln.

Mother Easwaramma, though being an illiterate , had enough foresight to perceive that a woman can play a pivotal role in social change which prompted Bhagawan set up institutions for the welfare of girl students. There was also a nice audio visual presented by Ashu Suyash. She also added “If you feed a mother, you feed a family. Empower a woman, you empower an entire nation”. 

Smt Ashu Suyash also released a commemorative brochure on Mother Easwaramma Foundation and a brochure on “Mother and Child Care Program”

Smt Gayatri Kunal Ganjawalla keeping the audience enthralled with her devotional music

Finally Gayatri Ganjawala who had graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM Lucknow) and is a famous playback Bollywood singer and wife of another successful playback singer Shri Kunal Ganjawala, gave a stupendous and heart warming performance in front the packed audience. Her devotional songs kept all in high spirits and bliss.


Smt Uma Bolangdy giving a vote of thanks

The programme ended with sister Uma Bolangdy giving a vote of thanks, which was followed by Mangala Aarti.