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“The incarnation of Krishna proclaimed the doctrine of divine love, as manifested by the cowherd maids (gopikas). Today, man is like an earthen pot filled with nectar. His body may be made of clay, but his spirit is eternal. The Divine has to be experienced through the body. Hence, human birth should not be treated as something trivial. Human life is worth living, it should be cherished as something precious. But today, such a precious gift is being treated as dirt. It is essential to realise the value of human existence. What is the goal of human life? It is to go back to the source from which we came. Our duty is to return to our primordial, original home.” - Baba

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Statistical Report of Mobile Medicare Project of SSSSO Maharashtra & Goa - 31st March 2016



The Mobile Medicare Project had launched with the Blessings of Bhagawan in July 2008, Till date i.e as of March 2016, over 3.9 million patients were provided with free medical aid across Maharashtra & Goa.

Over 45000 patients are receiving treatment every month for a wide variety of diseases including hypertension, diabetes, allergies, digestive, respiratory, gynaec and other ailments. The mobile dispensaries are fully equipped with a range of medicines and equipments for diagnosis and treatment of patients. The medical vans are the most viable alternative in terms of cost, time and manpower resources, to reach out to distant and also remote areas.


The Mobile Medicare Project seeks to cover the whole state of Maharashtra and Goa, and by Bhagawan’s 95th Birthday it aims to treat over 50 lakhs or 5 millions patients. The Project aims at providing basic healthcare to over 20 lakh patients annually over a phased manner. Already extensive work is being done to provide free cataract surgery to thousands across the states of Maharashtra & Goa. It is planned to establish a disaster & emergency service in times of need in all areas where the mobile vans operate.

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Ugadi Celebrations at Dharmakshetra on 28th March 2017. Soulful Bhakti Bhajans by Ms. Anjali Tiwari

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Cheti Chand Celebrations at Dharmakshetra - Sunday 26th March 2017



Cheti Chand is one of the most essential festivals of the Sindhi community.

The Sindhi community celebrates this festival in honour of the birth of Ishtadeva Uderolal, popularly known as Jhulelal, the patron saint of the Sindhis.

Sindhis basically are a socio-ethnic group of people who have emanated from a province of Pakistan, namely Sindh. After India’s Independence and partition, a myriad of Hindu Sindhis emigrated to India, where they entrenched their customs and traditions, amongst which Cheti Chand is one of the significant one. In order to welcome the New Year, Sindhis celebrate this day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Since Cheti Chand is celebrated in the Chaitra month, thus this festival is named so as Sindhis address this month as ‘Chet’. This day is considered to be very auspicious and is celebrated with pomp and gaiety. On this day, people worship water – the elixir of life.

Cheti Chand was celebrated today at Dharmakshetra on 26th March 2017. The initial prayers began at Sathyadeep with the Bhairano Saheb. Ms Hina Shahdadpuri was master of ceremonies.

There was also a scintillating musical programme by Shri Gurmukh Chugria. It was pure joy hearing him sing at Dharmakshetra...

Gurmukh Chugria is one of the well known Sindhi Singer at Chaliha Sahib. He has that touching & spiritual voice. He started singing at Chaliha Sahib Temple at the age of 16 years. Since childhood he supported his father Jethalal Chugria in Temple Bhajan & Bhagat programs. They formed family Musical group in the name of J.K. Music and made many Sindhi Albums with Jhulelal Songs. Today Gurmukh is Professional Singer and performs in many families for Wedding Lada or Jyot Programs. He still performs most of the 40 days Chaliha Festival at Temple in late evenings.

The programme culminated with the Aarti & Palau around 8 pm followed by Mahaprasadam .....

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Mother and Child Training - Dharmakshetra, Saturday 25th March, 2017

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Bhakti Bhajans at Dharmakshetra on Tuesday 28th March 2017.



All are cordially invited...



Banners released by All India Office for the month of 'Giving & Forgiving'


Loving Sairam!

Banners released by All India Office for the month of 'Giving & Forgiving'. Kindly give wide publicity.

National website has been updated with
Giving & forgiving month-24th March to 27th April 2017

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The Power of the Lord's Name by Sri Veda Narayan at Dharmakshetra on 20th November 2016.


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Samarpan 24th Edition - Talk by Dr. Shashank Shah - Dharmakshetra - 19th March 2017



If Puttaparthi is the place the Lord chose to be born in, transforming it into Prasanthi Nilayam, the centre of His mission of divinising man; Dharmakshetra in Mumbai is the spiritual lighthouse established by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in May 1968, on the eve of the First World Conference of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation and it stands as a miracle of Baba's Divine Sankalpa.

And even today it continues to reverberate with those elevating memories of the Lord's proximity and presence.

And to re-live those priceless moments, the alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning organise on the third Sunday of every month 'Samarpan' – a program of gratitude and love to the Lord, where a devotee shares with all indelible experiences and life lessons learnt at the divine lotus feet.

On Sunday 19th March, 2017, the 24th Edition of Samarpan Talk was delivered by Dr Shashank Shah at Dharmakshetra

The detail of his inspirational and wonderful talk will be soon released on youtube

Kindly view the photos from the following link


Please find YouTube link of last Sunday's Samarpan talk by Dr. Shashank Shah at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai.

Do watch it & enjoy & share the bliss with all.

Link to the video

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All India President Shri Nimish Pandya's 3 New Messsages

Aradhana Mahotsavam on 24th March to 27th April 2017.

A Gratitude to the Divine Lotus Feet.

All India President Sri Nimish Pandya on CIA Document

Link to the video

All India President Sri Nimish Pandya message on Vedic Conference on 20th & 21st November, 2017 to be held in Prasanthi Nilayam ..

Link to the video

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Cheti Chand Celebrations at Dharmakshetra on Sunday 26th March 2017


Attached please find Video & Card Invite for Cheti Chand Celebrations at Dharmakshetra on Sunday 26th March 2017 from 4.25 pm onwards till 7.00pm.

Enjoy the scintillating bhajans by Shri Gurmukh Chugria

All are cordially invited with your family and friends .....




View or Download the video in Mp4 from DropBox


View or Download the video in Mp4 from Facebook

View the programme details also from the following link.

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Invitation for the 24th Samarpan Session at Mumbai - 19th March,2017

Saprem Sairam,

With Bhagawan’s Grace and Blessings, our 24th edition of SAMARPAN is scheduled on 19th March 2017, Sunday at the holy precincts of our very own Dharmakshetra, Mumbai. On such an occasion, we have an opportunity to listen to the leelas of the Lord from the devotees who were blessed with DIVINE association and relive those moments spent with HIM, re-connect with HIM and soak in HIS Divine presence.

For this edition of SAMARPAN, we are fortunate to have Dr. Shashank Shah, speaking to us, and he will be sharing his personal experiences and lessons learnt from the times he spent with Bhagawan.

Please find attached the formal invite and given below is the schedule as planned on 19th March, 2017:

4.20 – 4.40 pm – Vedam chanting and Lamp lighting invoking Bhagawan's Blessings

4.40 – 5.10 pm – Soulful Bhajans

5.10 – 5.15 pm – Swami's Divine Darshan (a short film)

5.15 – 5.20 pm – Introduction to the Guest Speaker

5.20 – 6.45 pm – Talk by Dr. Shashank Shah

6.45 – 6.50 pm – Vote of Thanks & Felicitation

6.50 – 7.00 pm – Swami’s bhajan, Mangala Aarti followed by Prasadam

Please do join us for an enchanting evening with your family and friends.



Story of Dharmakshetra in Mumbai from Sai Sevak

Indulal Shah, the grandsire of Sai Movement has been associated with Swami for many decades. Swami facilitated him in Sai Kulwant Hall for a lifetime of Service to Sai Mission along with his wife Sarlaben (who has now merged with Swami). On 12th May, 1968,
'Dharma Kshetra', Swami's abode in Mumbai was inaugurated to spread Swami's teachings worldwide. This place later became the birthplace of Sathya Sai Organisation, Sathya Sai Seva Dal (volunteer team) and Bal Vikas (SSE or Sathya Sai Spiritual Education as it is known outside India). After watching this video, you will be filled with amazement about how Swami chooses a place so meticulously as part of His divine cosmic plan, so far ahead in time. Listen to Indulal Shah describe those priceless memories.

On 12th May, 1968, the 'Dharmakshetra', an architectural jewel fittingly built on an elevated spot commanding a panoramic view of the environs of Mumbai was inaugurated. This was also the birthplace of Sathya Sai Organisation, Sathya Sai Seva Dal (volunteer team) and Bal Vikas (SSE or Sathya Sai Spiritual Education as it is known outside India). After watching this video, you will be filled with amazement about how the Lord chooses a place so meticulously as the epicentre to spread his glory and joy all around the world as part of His divine cosmic will. Listen to Indulal Shah describe the divine sankalpa of Swami that is also vajra sankalpa (immutable).


View the video:

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Mumbai District Level Coordinators - Revised List 

A list has been compiled by the Data Management Coordinator Ms Lata Gurnani and her team comprising of all office bearers & samithi activities for the Mumbai district.  A soft copy of the list is enclosed herewith for your record, reference and active use.

Latest Revised Booklet - 23.11.2015

Mumbai SSSSO - Incharges - Contact Details