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“First of all you should understand the significance of celebrating Durgashtami. The inner significance of celebrating festivals is to experience Divinity. This has been the motto of Bharathiyas since ancient times. Every festival is associated with divine feelings and a sacred purpose. But unfortunately people today focus only on external ritualistic practices without trying to understand their inner significance. As a result, the performing of Puja, distribution of Prasadam etc., has become mechanical and artificial. They also do different kinds of Archanas or worships. The types of worship offered are devoid of earnestness and devotion (Shraddha and Bhakti). They all can be termed as meaningless rituals.”




May the Light of Sai illumine every heart and soul on this auspicious Diwali.

Love Peace and Joy to All

Sai Ram




 "A United Family Sadhana " Guidelines by, All India President Shri Nimish Pandya



On the Auspicious Occasion of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's 91st Birthday "A United Family Sadhana " Guidelines by, All India President Shri Nimish Pandya

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91st Birthday Celebrations of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba at Dharmakshetra

With the Immense blessings of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the programs to be held in the month of November 2016 in Dharmakshetra, as 91st Birthday celebrations, are enclosed herewith along with separate invitation for Sathyam Youth Bhajan, Global Akhand Bhajan & Ladies (Mahila) Day.


E-Invite for the upcoming Youth Bhajan, on Sunday 6th November 2016 at Dharmakshetra from 6 to 7 pm







The Youth of walkeshwer Samiti along with some ex students of ambedkar school celebrated Diwali with senior citizens of Sir jj Dharamshalaon 27th oct .The program began with children singing bhajans ,after which some of our dadas &dadis crooned soulful melodies , followed by musical games .we concluded the program with cake cutting and narayan seva .It was a pleasure to see the happiness and joy on their faces

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19th Edition of Samarpan -Talk by Dr Rajeshwari Patel - 23rd October 2016




The 19th edition of SAMARPAN session was held on Sunday, 23rd October, 2016. Dr. Rajeshwari Patel shared her wonderful experiences with Bhagawan during her talk here at Dharmakshetra

Dr. Rajeshwari Patel is an alumnus & present professor at Anantapur Campus of Swami's college. She has been associated with Swami for almost 35 years.

The video of her close experiences with Swami will be uploaded soon.

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Video to the Talk by Dr Rajeshwari Patel on 23th October 2016 at Dharmakshetra Mumbai


Free Heart Camp at Dharmakshetra - 23rd October, 2016.



With Swami's grace the Free Heart Camp which was held today at Dharmakshetra on Sunday 23rd October from 9.00 am organised by SSSSO Maharashtra and Goa alongwith Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital, Rajkot had a very good response.

Walk in Patients were 128 and the Pre Screened Patients along with Walk in Patients selected for the next round were 113 Patients.

About 50 Patients were selected for Surgery, for which appointments were given.

Mr. RANDEEP HOODA the famous Bollywood actor and Shri RAJKUMAR SANTOSHI well known Director also attended the Free Heart Camp and were present for over 90 minutes.

Kindly view the photos from the following links:

Free Heart Camp at Dharmakshetra - 23rd October, 2016 - Camera No 1

Free Heart Camp at Dharmakshetra - 23rd October, 2016 - Camera No 2


Maharashtra & Goa Veda coordinators meeting at Dharmakshetra , Mumbai on 16th October 2016


With Blessings of Bhagwan the Veda movement was successfuly launched in the state of Maharashtra and Goa.

A total of 50 people from across the states attended this meeting.

With Bhagawan's grace this movement is ready to spread the veda to every nook and corner of Maharashtra & Goa

Morning Session


The meeting was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp by Sri. Vijay Bhaskar, trustee of Sri Sathya Sai Trust, and ardent devotee of Bhagawan. He was accompanied by Dr. Anil Kumar, Sri. Subrahmanyam Gorti, the National Veda Coordinator, and State Level Veda Coordinators from Maharashtra and Goa. The lighting of the lamp was accompanied by the chanting of Sri Rudram, Purusha Suktham and Medha Suktham.

Opening Remarks

Bro. Saiganesh Natarajan, the State Coordinator for Veda, reminded all participants that we have been chosen by Bhagawan for His mission. Hence, we must make a promise to Bhagawan to uphold the Veda movement in India and the world.

Bro. Prasad Deshmukh, the joint State Coordinator for Veda, spoke about the unique opportunity presented by Bhagawan to us as the leaders of the Veda movement. Since the Veda movement is now in its infancy, we must all strive to nurture it.

Inaugural Address - Sri. Vijay Bhaskar

Sri. Vijay Bhaskar recounted his own experiences with Swami at Prashanthi Nilayam in the context of Veda. He narrated how his mental prayer for a single Vedic prayer which encompasses all of Swami's teachings was answered by Swami by leading him to the Narayana Suktham.

He also spoke of the importance of Dharmakshetra in Swami's divine mission as a centre for the propagation of Vedas. He concluded with a discussion on the true meaning of mantra

All-India President's Address - Sri. Nimish Pandya

The All-India President inspired all the participants with his powerful oration. He emphasised that we were all present by Bhagawan's will, as a part of Bhagawan's grand vision for Veda, which permeates all of life.

He also emphasised the importance of the great state of Maharashtra in Swami's mission, and exhorted the participants to utilise this opportunity to bring more people into the Sai fold through Veda.

He concluded with a very powerful message - pursue the study and teaching of Veda to perfection, and always do so with a smile. This will ensure that people will come to learn Veda:

Dr. Anil Kumar has been a Professor of Chemistry in the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, and was part of the original team chosen by Swami to initiate group Veda chanting at Prashanthi Nilayam.

He covered several aspects of Veda chanting, a few of which are summarised below:

—Vedas are endless, timeless and authorless

—The mantras themselves are perceived by the Rishis

—The origin of man is from the primordial sound through the subtle and gross elements hence, by withdrawing one's senses one can attain the supreme, all-pervading reality

—The knowledge of 'meaning' need not be overemphasised: it differs based on each individual's sadhana

—Veda chanting must always be done from the navel. This ensures trikarana shuddhi (purity of thought, word and deed)

—Sri Rudram is a panacea for the ills of the world

—Bhagawan has already established Veda on a global scale - from the far east to the west. We are now part of this astounding inclusion of caste, gender and nationality in Vedic chanting, and with privilege and duty to take His mission forward.

Afternoon Session

Vedam: 5 years' Roadmap - Sri. Subrahmanyam Gorti

Sri. Subrahmanyam Gorti is the All-India coordinator for the Veda movement. He has been involved in tireless efforts in the service of Bhagawan in the Veda mission.

“My love for Veda is equalled only by my love for humanity." - Bhagawan Baba

The vision of the Organisation on the Veda frontier was presented by Sri. Gorti in a crystal-clear fashion. His address was full of inspiration for the District Veda-coordinators attending the meeting. The major points are summarised below:

—The nurturing of Vedic culture was one of the four aims of the Avatar

—We cannot even begin to comprehend His immense grace in choosing us for this mission

—Vedas are the root of spirituality: it is essential to nurture them with the utmost care

—A well-organised structure is now in place nationally as well as locally

—A well-planned syllabus has been agreed upon, matching the exacting standards set by Prashanthi Nilayam

—Some of the short-term objectives are:
Teachers' pool in each state: auditioning/benchmarking orientation Face-to-face as well as virtual modes of training Involvement of youth and Bal Vikas as a 'thrust area'

—The long-term objectives include:
Scientific inquiry into the Vedas
Vedic library and proposed research centre in Rishikesh
In 2008, UNESCO declared Vedic Chanting as “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity"

Sri. Ramesh Sawant spoke on the nature of unconditional surrender to the Divine. He inspired all the participants to take up Veda activities as a service to the Lord, and to be His instrument in bringing about the Vedic revolution.

He emphasised two things - firstly, Swami's work is our own sadhana; secondly, just as Swami used to refer to himself as 'the servant of the Universe', so too, we must be ready to serve anyone with regard to Veda, unconditionally and lovingly.

Grand Plan for Athi Rudram (Mahajapa) - Bro. Saiganesh

Bro. Saiganesh unveiled the Grand Plan for having an Athi Rudra Mahajapa at Prashanthi Nilayam in September 2017

1331 chanters x 11 Rudrams (ekadashini) = 14641 Rudrams = 1 Athi Rudram

This activity requires massive mobilisation of existing teachers to access the hidden potential in every Sai samithi in the states of Maharashtra and Goa. Every district may need to have 50-60 fully trained and proficient Rudram/Chamakam chanters

The entire congregation made a sankalpa to work towards bringing this grand vision to fruition.

Group Discussions - Challenges and Action Plans

The concluding session was a group discussion session with working groups of 5-6 members geared towards identifying local as well as general problems and suggesting viable solutions. A brief summary of various challenges and prospective action plans is given below:

Challenges - Prospective Action Plan

Generating interest - Always follow the motto of "Love All, Serve All" All office-bearers must be chanters Encourage participation by spreading awareness

Insufficient trainers / Trainers lacking confidence - Use of media to increase the reach of teachers Encourage trainers with group chanting opportunities Initiate "House Veda chanting" like house-bhajans

Neglect of Veda at Veda + Bhajan venues - Have Veda chanting 'in-between' the bhajan Have Veda training prior to the bhajan

Lack of auditioning / benchmarking - Suitable framework is in place at national level Syllabi, etc. Have been standardised

Transport problem in villages / for mahilas, etc. Combine medical seva and Veda chanting. Train candidates from remote areas as trainers (MLM)

Tapping youth and Bal Vikas strength - District youth coordinator to organise 3-4 hours awareness + training camp to initiate activity

Lack of awareness of devotees about Veda - Office bearers to positively spread awareness Official circulars to be issued to ensure participation

Inability to learn by-heart - Trainer not to insist on book

Inaccurate intonation - Training, exposure to basic Sanskrit

Mismatch in pitch between mahilas / gents - Combined practice sessions will help minimise problem Separate chanting sessions
Unfamiliarity with Rudram / Chamakam. Training to start on urgent basis for Rudram/Chamakam Emphasis on full Chamakam (not only 3rd Anuvak)

Jai Sai Ram



Borivali samithi organised Nagarsankirtan cum Swachta se divyata tak rally in Sai Baba Nagar Borivali (W) on 23-10-2016.


Balvikas boys and girls with parents, Sai devotees ladies and gents total of 63 no 6(M) + 8(F) + 25(M) + 24(F) participated
and 19 placards were made. They were held aloft by Balvikas children and their parents and Sai devotees during Nagarsankirtan which was held from 6 am to 7:10 am

Total manhours 91 including time spent in making of placards.



'Veda Chanting' classes at at Panchsheel, 'C' Road, Churchgate, Mumbai.


With Swami's immense grace 'Veda Chanting' classes started on 26th October, 2016. Over 18 devotees participated from 6.30 to 7.30 pm at Panchsheel, 'C' Road, Churchgate, Mumbai.

All are requested to take advantage of this Divine opportunity. The venue is barely a 2-3 minutes walk from Churchgate Station which makes it very ...convenient.

Please share this message with others so that we can have maximum participation.

Regular classes will be held every Wednesday from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm

All are welcome...



Swachata se Divyata tak-5th major activity by Borivali Samithi.




Fifth major activity by Borivali samithi on Swachata se Divyata excluding Medical camps.

For spreading the message for Dengue and Leptospirosis control in Laljipada and surrounding slum areas in Kandivali (W)
Students of class VII to X Gandhi Vidya Mandir High School Laljipada were deployed by Borivali samithi.

4155 houses were contacted by the 332 students.

Dengue and Leptospirosis symptoms & treatment were explained and the circumstances for getting infected from Dengue and Leptospirosis or any other disease were also highlighted

Signature of each householder were taken on the proforma sheet shown by the students in photo enclosed

Total hours
4155 houses x 9min = 37395min ie 623 Man hours

332 students, 11 teachers, 2 principals and 2 sevadal participated in the program.


Link to the photos:



Avatar Declaration Day - Talk by Sri Ajit Popat - Dharmakshetra - 20th October, 2016




The devotees of Mumbai were treated to Divine Nectar. Sri Ajit Popat, an old time devotee from the United Kingdom, delivered a talk on Bhagawan’s Love and Teachings and narrated innumerable and intimate experiences at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai on 20th October, 2016, on the ocassion of Avatar Declaration Day.

Speaking in his usual fiery style in Hindi, he deliberated for an hour quoting many inspirational experiences he had with Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The videos of his talk will be available soon.

Link to the photos:



Borivali Samithi - Cleanliness Drive


Borivali Samithi conducted swachta se divyata tak program on 18th Oct 2016 in J B Khot School Borivali West for one and half hour.

740 students (English medium) + 46 students (Gujarati medium) with a total of 786 students were shown videos and the importance of cleanliness explained to them

786 students + 6 gurus+1 sevadal (male) +15 teachers (14M + 1F) + 2 principals
=810 x 90 =72900 minutes (1215 Man Hours)

Link to the photos



Soulful Kirtans by Sri Ameya Dabli at Dharmakshetra on 16th October 2016




Ameya has always been inclined towards music since early childhood – this was largely due to his mother Dr. Mrs. Anuradha Dabli, who is a trained classical and light music exponent – and who, as a student of the legendary Dr. Prabha Atre ji - has ensured that Ameya was always provided with the right training (riyaaz) since he was 5 years of age.

In addition to learning Indian music (semi classical and light music) Ameya is also trained in Western Music from a tender age of 7 years under the guidance of his teacher Mr. Rawat - who meticulously chipped away at the raw stone to help carve out a beautiful sculpture - thus introducing and polishing Ameya with a different musical genre altogether.

Another facet of Ameya's musical personality is his love for Sanskrit language and chanting of shlokas which were introduced to him by his father Prof. P. V Dabli – a Sanskrit scholar and Dakshina fellow himself. Hence, not only does Ameya recite from sacred scriptures and can render the entire 18 chapters of the Bhagwat Geeta or Vishnu Sahatranaam with elan, he is also a trained Sanskrit vocalist and can render most of the marquee Sanskrit stotrams (sacred verses) and various sacred hymns with ease.

Being a practicing musician for close to 30 years, Ameya today performs across various musical genres and is at ease while performing Spiritual music and chants, Ghazals & Sufi gaayki, Western music as also select Bollywood film music!

On Sunday 16th October at Dharmakshetra , Sri Ameya Dabli thrilled the devotees with his soulful music...

A devotee from Borivali samithi mentioned:

"Ameya Dabli's programme at Dharmakshetra was amazing and I enjoyed it. throughout. Ameya is really talented. Thank you for inviting him."

Please click on the below-mentioned link to view or download the photos:


Bandra Samithi Heart and Eye Camp.



Bandra Samithi Heart and Eye Camp held on 16th October 2016 at Khar Danda

Link to the photos





20th October, every year, is celebrated as the Avatar Declaration Day. It is on this historically significant day, in the year 1940, that the young lad Sathyanarayana Raju revealed to the world His Divine identity and the glorious mission for which He has come.

On the occassion of the Avatar Declaration Day, Fort & Walkeshwar Samithi, invite you with family and friends at Dharmakshetra on Thursday, 20th October 2016, from 6-7pm. Sri Ajit Popat, who is one of the most prolific speakers from London, UK. and fortunate to be blessed by Bhagawan on many occasions, has been invited to speak.

Sri Ajit Popat is well known all over the world for his gripping and powerful talks consisting of his experiences and messages from Bhagawan Baba.

Sri Ajit Popat (lovingly called as Puppet by Bhagawan) is a long standing devotee for over 30 years. He had the opportunity to speak on many occasion in front of Swami and always maintained that " It is only Swami speaking through me, I am only a puppet. "

He has rendered enormous service to the Sai Medical mission through his Heart Valve Bank.

Sri Ajit Popat, is well known to the Sai family in UK and beyond. Dedicated to the service of our Divine Master, Sri Ajit Popat has been blessed by Bhagawan to participate in many significant projects such as Swami’s Hospitals in Prasanthi Nilayam and Whitefield, Parthi ‘Grama Seva’, and various Parthi Yatras (pilgrimages) from UK. An inspirational and insightful speaker, he was one of the fortunate few who was regularly invited by our dear Bhagawan to address the august gatherings in His Divine Presence on various occasions.


Soulful Kirtans by Ameya Dabli

Fort & Walkeshwar Samithis of Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Mumbai invites you with your family and friends to an evening of “Soulful Kirtans” by Ameya Dabli

Ameya's devotional album 'Devadhideva' which released a couple of years ago has nine tracks including a few shlokas.

Ameya Dabli has been singing professionally for close to 19 years now. He has been performing light music, devotional songs, Western music as well as spiritual singing with equal ease.

He had performed to a packed audience of 25,000 people at the International Convention Centre at Hartford, Connecticut during the 2010 Guru Purnima celebrations.

Date: Sunday, 16th October, 2016

Time 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm

Venue: Dharmakshetra Mahakali Caves Road Andheri (East) Mumbai.


Launch of Cleaning Drive at Gopal Sharma International School, Powai.



Launch of Cleaning Drive at Gopal Sharma International School, Powai Vihar Complex, Powai

Held on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016.

Ghatkopar Powai Samiti

A cleaning drive was organised in the School after identifying specific areas which needed major scrubbing and cleaning. School students were allotted to each specific area along with a teacher and sevadal from our side. The number of sevadal fm our side depended on the size, number of children and number of tasks to be completed.

The cleaning was done by Std 9th and 10th of GSIS. The tasks were done in 2 time slots from 8am to 9 and then 9 to 10am.

num.of students - 104
Number of gsis teachers and staff - 24
Bal vikas students - 7
Bal vikas and value ed gurus - 20
Sss sevadal - 13

Total man minutes was 12360

Total manhours: 206 hrs

Link to the photos:



A medical Camp at Melghat.
Date: 15th October 2016



A medical Camp at Melghat was organised on the border of Maharashtra & Madhya Pradesh. This is a vey interior and remote Adivasi area which is difficult to reach.

90 sarees and socks were distributed.

These sarees were sent by devotees of Chembur/Ghatkopar of SSSSO Mumbai. Every month the items are collected from devotees. During the earlier visits household articles and once toys etc. were sent to Melghat adivasis through Akola samithi. For the coming visit 'used artificial jwelleries' for girls and T- shirts for boys are being sent next week.
A WhatsApp group called " Bech Math. De Mast" (BMDM) ( as against 'Bech De' slogan of OLX ) have been formed.

Earlier six months back this Seva to Melghat was started. Now regularly BMDM is sending theme based articles as requested by the locals there. They are also sponsoring daily milk for the malnourished kids there in Melghat.

Link to the photos:

( Inputs from Chandrasekharji of Chembur )


Borivali Samithi - Swachhata to Divyata Tak




On Swachhata to Divyata Tak, Borivali Samithi organized a program on 13th October 2016 in Vidyamandir Gandhinagar high school located in Lalji Pada in the slums in Kandivali West , Mumbai


To generate awareness about hygienic habits , in and around school was motto of the program


The program was started at 10.30 AM with 505 students ( 275 M + 230 F) . The teaching and allied staff involved was 24 ( 15 M + 9 F).There were four seva dal (3 M+1F). The total number comes to 533.


With 60 brooms and 100 bags to fill up the litter lying on the small roads , the whole team was divided in twenty groups. The enthusiasm in boys and girls was unmatched. Hand masks and gloves were arranged for all the needy students


The whole area surrounding the school, Gandhinagar, Lalji Pada was covered upto 1.30 PM with no break for lunch.

Not only the students who carried the playcards, the passers by were also affected by the Swachhta Abhiyaan.


The total man hours deployed for the program workout to 533 x 3= 1599 ManHours


Link to the photos:



Dengue & Leptospirosis prevention & controls undertaken by Borivali Samithi.
15 October at 14:45 ·


The message for Dengue & Leptospirosis prevention & controls was highlighted on 09/10/2016 by Borivali samithi in two special classes of IX & X comprising of 135 students, & the same was being held in Ashramshala Chapke Talabali Talabali Taluka - Vikramgarh about 100 kms from Mumbai.

Dengue & Leptospirosis symptoms & treatment were explained at length by two college students (1 F + 1 M) and One Seva Dal (F). How we can get infected from Dengue & Leptospirosis was examplified by the youth group. Time taken of each class was for 10 minutes.

In the Adivasi Village Vedhe Taluka Vikramgarh, 28 houses were personally covered by two groups of youth volunteers comprising total of four college students (2M + 2F) along with two Seva Dal (F) the group explained to Adivasis in their language that how Dengue & Leptospirosis can be prevented. Time taken in each house was from 5 - 7 min. with a total time of about 3 hours.

One Hundred and Twenty three Ladies were explained individually for Dengue & Leptoapirosis prevention & control while doing Narayan Seva from the village Panchayet Office. Initially the whole group was made to feel the circumstances for getting infected from either Dengue & Leptospirosis or any other disease.

Link to the photos:



Mulund Samithi - Swatchtha se Divyatha Tak


Mulund Samithi will be conducting Swatchtha se Divyatha Tak at Tata Nagar Slum.Colony and Bhandupeshwar Kund , Bhandup East on 16th October. 200 people along with local residents and samithi members will be participating in the cleaning Activity of Tata Nagar Slum. Dengue Awareness sheets has been distributed to students of Vidhyadhiraja School, Bhandup who will finish the campaign on 15th October.

Three Samithi ladies explained to the students in detail. Dengue Awareness campaign will also be taken up on 16th October. Along with these activity, a free medical camp has also been organised for the local slum.people of Bhandup East.





SION WADALA SAMITHI organised an awareness program today, the 13th October 2016, in LITTLE ANGELS SCHOOL, Sion and details are as follows :

Volunteers 5 youths & 1 adult.
Stds covered : II ,III , IV Stds
each having 3 sections.
Total students : 494
Duration : 30 mins each session.
Total manminutes : 15000.

Coverage :

PPT on cleanliness and importance of washing hands and
Video clipping about problem of littering was shown.
Followed by drawing competition on topic " cleanliness / Hygiene ".

All children participated enthusiastically.

SION WADALA SAMITHI also covered SECONDARY SECTION IN THE LITTLE ANGELS HIGH SCHOOL, on 13 October and details are as follows:
Volunteers 1 youth, 2 adults
STDS. : VII & VIII each having 3 sections.
Duration : 35 minutes each session.

Coverge :
PPT on intrinsic and extrinsic cleanliness, prevention and control of Dengue and Leptospirosis. std 7th -- 182 students
8 th std. --163 students
Time 35 minutes each.


Navaratri Celebrations at Dharmakshetra - Monday 10th October 2016



Kindly click on the belowmentioned link to view the photos


Sai Ram



Swachchata to Divyata- Borivali Samithi - 9th October 2016


On Swachchata to Divyata, Borivali Samithi organised a program on 9th Oct 2016 in Adivasi belt Area located at Ashramshala, Chabke Talawali, Taluka - Vikramgarh, which is about 100kms. from Mumbai. We have been holding here Bal Vikas Classes, Medical Camps & Jaipur Foot Camp along with Narayan Seva for all those who are below the poverty line.

To inculcate awareness in children regarding cleaning habits, the whole school responded including the youngest students.

Several groups were formed to clean the four storey building.

The program started at 10.15am with 325 students, Six (Male) teaching & allied staff, seven college students (3 Male + 4 female) & six seva dal (Male) join the program making the total strength to 344.

The Toilets cleaning job was also taken-up and it was found that five door of toilets were broken & toilets could not be used. It was decided to install new doors in the toilets getting them fabricated so the toilets become useable. The job shall be completed within 4 weeks.

The program ended at 2:45 pm with a break for lunch for 30mins.

The total man hours deployed for the program were 344 x 4 = 1376 Man Hours.


Sai Devi Maa Visarjan ... on 11th October 2016 after evening Bhajans at Dharmakshetra





Sai Devi Maa Visarjan ... on 11th October 2016 after evening Bhajans at Dharmakshetra





Navaratri Celebrations at Dharmakshetra - Sunday 9th October 2016





On Sunday 9th October 2016 at Dharmakshetra the following homams - Sri Durga Homam & Sri Vidya Homam were performed

Please click on the belowmentioned link to view the photos



Sai Devi Maa at Dharmakshetra - Mobile Photos shared by Ramprasad - Sunday 9th October 2016

Link to the photos:



Awareness Program by Fort Samithi on the theme SWACCHTA se DIVYATA TAK




An awareness program by Fort Samithi on the theme SWACCHTA se DIVYATA TAK was held on 7th October for the residential Bal Vikas children. An innovative presentation was done depicting the following....

1. Examples from Swami's childhood namely, the village children who had to be clean and honest to win Sathya's Grace and get the things He took out from an empty bag. Swami Himself was the example for the children to emulate. Secondly, when He announced Himself as Sai Baba He said, *"Keep your home and surroundings clean and your minds pure"*

2 The Navratri festival being celebrated currently which has as its essence inner cleanliness ie Trikarna shuddhi and the transformation from animal nature to human to divine nature

3. Outer cleanliness of the children's homes, their rooms, building compound and surroundings... healthy and clean living habits

4. Awareness on water borne diseases and mosquito vector diseases and preventive measures

5. The 5 elements and their cleanliness

6. And there was an interactive session on inner cleanliness..... the 5 senses being the windows of the mind ....

7. An interesting session on watching TV and other digital media followed... Television or 'tele visham' and technology or 'tricknology'!

8. The children also enjoyed cartoons depicting both inner and outer cleanliness.

9. In lieu of 20th october being Avatar Declaration Day, the session ended with a video on the significance of this landmark event ....

Pamphlets to create awareness about dengue were distributed. And the children have taken up activities of keeping their homes and surroundings clean and also the distribution of pamphlets to their neighbours .. 29 people ..14 children and 15 adults participated



Veda Training Workshop at Prasanthi Nilayam from 19th November to 20th November 2016






Programme for October 2016 at Dharmakshetra


The month of October programmes has been allocated to Fort & Walkeshwar Samithis. The details of the programmes are shown below







First ever Sri Sathya Sai Centre at Jammu and Kashmir


The Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation of India conducted a strategic spiritual strike in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) with the ground breaking ceremony or bhoomi puja of the first ever Sri Sathya Sai Centre in the northern-most state of India on October 3, 2016. The development was historic in many ways.

It's location at Halqa Marh outside the city of Jammu and less than ten kilometers from the Line of Control from POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) will enable the Sai Centre to bring the Sai message of peace, love and nonviolence to a region historically marred by cross-border firing and other disturbances.

Despite the prevailing tension in the area, the event evoked much joy and celebrations. Sai devotees from the entire region, eminent citizens of Jammu city as well as local villagers joyfully participated in the prayers and celebrations on this occasion. The Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation of India was represented by its All India President Mr. Nimish Pandya and National Vice-President N. Ramani as well as several office bearers from neighbouring states of Punjab.

Students from the schools along the border areas who are part of the J&K Sai Organisation's Bal Vikas program participated in the slokas and mantra chanting, bhajan singing and presented a cultural program.

The J&K State Trust Convenor Mr. M.K. Turki and State President Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma shared details of the vision for this centre. Apart from functioning as the hub of Spiritual, Educational and Service activities of the Sai mission, the centre will actively serve as a safe shelter for the displaced population that is evacuated frequently from the villages along the border. The proposed centre will focus on promoting the sarva dharma or multi-faith path of loving acceptance of diversity and universal human values as propounded by Bhagavan Baba.

In its first phase of development, the proposed centre will house a sarva dharma stupa, prayer hall, office, kitchen, dining hall, classrooms for Bal Vikas, washrooms and guest rooms.

#SurgicalStrike #LOC #ssssoindia

Radio Sai Team



Message from All India President

Sri Sathya Sai Birthday Celebrations - 2016 - A Family Celebrations.


Dear Brothers and Sisters

Sai Ram

Every year the Birthday Celebrations of our Lord are always grand in nature. This year too, I am sure, each one of you is planning to do so in your state in a grand way.

However, Swami,s innate wish was always that all families should be on the path of practicing Swami's teachings. Swami used to always say " Pura Family devotee, Swami bahut Khush " Meaning Swami is very happy when the whole family is a sai devotee in terms of practice.

Even otherwise Swami always wanted the family as unit to be strong and the Mahila Conference held recently affirmed this vehemently.

This year I do suggest that apart from the general celebrations we want every Sai devotee to celebrate Swami's Birthday at the family level so that the Birthday becomes a family Celebration.Let us recognise the presence of Swami in every home.

Every family, in every state, whether they are members of the Sai Organisation or not will endeavour to have a family celebration as under:

1) Every member of the family will say a prayer together during that day.

2) Every family will do a family Narayan Seva where each member of the family will participate and feed a small group in the neighbourhood as a family sadhana.

3) Decorate the home as one normally does for a festival eg like Diwali as if Swami is there.

4) Every family will have a family Bhajan.

5)Every family will recite the Gayatri Mantra for a specific no of times as may be decided by the family.

6) Invite non devotee other family members-uncles aunties nieces nephews home for the family dinner or lunch specifically stating that it is ameal to celebrate Swami's Birthday.

7) Let the neighbours know that the celebrations are for Swami's Birthday. Distribute Prasad to the immediate neighbours and friends.

8)Resolve to adopt one needy child of your servant or in the vicinity for supporting some part of the education as per the family's capacity.Perform an act of a small family charity to needy person.

9) Resolve that all members of the family speak softly and sweetly for the whole day.

10) After the whole day of family celebration, Join the Celebrations of the Samithi in the evening.

The10 points are basic suggestions, as they have spiritual connotations. Families that pray and eat together are blessed. The celebrations can bring the family in unity.This will help the Families to bond together and help self transformation of all members of the family and most importantly draw Swami's Grace upon the whole family.

Let us make 23rd November each year a family celebration so that in years to come the family as a unit of society is strengthened. It is Divine strategy that harmony in the home is a must for an environment of peace and order.

Lets lay the trail for the happiness and peace for all families in the present and future. Let us celebrate the Presence of the Avataar in our lives. These celebrations will also help us to bring in peace and happiness in many more families.

I shall speak to you on this personally on this subject. In the meantime let us start motivating all our centres so that they can start informing all families in the samithi.

Let us pray to Swami for this to be offered at His Divine Lotus Feet.

Nimish Pandya
All India President

Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations India



Free Heart Camp
Heart Surgeries Free of Cost
Dharmakshetra Sunday 23rd October 2016 from 9 sm to 2pm




Toilet Blocks to benefit 550 children as part of "Swachata Se Divyata Tak "



As Part of "Swachata Se Divyata Tak " Toilet blocks have been installed in the residential school for Adivasi children named ADIVASI SHALA at CHIKALE Village , Panvel .

This project is jointly executed by Panvel Samithi and Youth Wing Of Mumbai District .

This project has provision Of Five showers for bath with Five toilets and will benefit 550 students .

The Toilet blocks were inaugurated by Chairman of school Mr Lokhande and was attended by the school's Principal, Teachers students and Office bearers of SSSSO Mumbai .


Kindly view more photos from the following link:



Navaratri Celebrations at Dharmakshetra 08.10.2016 with Sai Devi Maa







Navaratri Celebrations at Dharmakshetra 07.10.2016 with Sai Devi Maa






Navaratri Celebrations at Dharmakshetra - 6th October 2016 - Homams (Morning Program) & Bhajans by Fort & Walkeshwar Samithis (Evening Program)





The following Homams were performed on 06.10.2016

Sri Aswarooda Homam

Sri Santhana Gopala Homam

Sri Danavantri Homam

Please click on the following link to view the photos:

Sai Ram



Navaratri Celebrations at Dharmakshetra 06.10.2016 with Sai Devi Maa







Navaratri Celebrations at Dharmakshetra 05.10.2016 with Sai Devi Maa




Navaratri Celebrations at Dharmakshetra 04.10.2016 with Sai Devi Maa




Navaratri Celebrations at Dharmakshetra 03.10.2016 with Sai Devi Maa




Navaratri Celebrations at Dharmakshetra 02.10.2016 with Sai Devi Maa




Navaratri Celebrations at Dharmakshetra 01.10.2016 with Sai Devi Maa





Cleanliness Drive by Shivaji Park Samithi.
October 5 - Photos by Amishi Seth


Sai Ram.

The following are the pictures for the cleaning done by the students of Saraswati Vidya Mandir where the Shivaji Park Samithi conducts school Bal Vikas for the SWACHCHATA to DIVYATA Program. The statistics are as under:

1. 480 students + 8 teachers + 3 volunteers = 491 people spent 1 hour cleaning the school= 491 MAN HOURS.

2. 480 students + 8 teachers = 488 people spent 1 hour making posters on cleanliness + additional 1 minute pasting them = 488 hours (480 hours + 480 minutes).




Dharmkshetra students clean outside area of school - Photos posted by H U Kamdar o 03.140.2016





SWACHATA SE DIVYATA TAK" 2nd Oct to 20th Oct, 2016


From Cleanliness to Godliness

A Nation wide Cleanliness Drive by the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, India from 2nd October to 20th October, 2016.

Here is a direct Message from the All India President - Shri Nimish Oandya of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, India.


The The Nationall Programme of 'Swachata Se Divyata Tak" - 2nd October to 20 Th October 2016.

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Sai Ram

The core of Spiritual Sadhana, as explained by Bhagawan is on the foundation of Cleanliness. Bhagawan always stressed upon the Principle "Cleanliness is Godliness". Our members of the Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, have always been practicing this as a Divine Commandment. In fact Swami was the perfect practitioner of this Principle.

The cleanliness at the Ashram of Prashanthi Nilayam and at the two Super Speciality Hospitals is their hallmark.The Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi, as a true Devotee of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has rightly launched "Swacha Bharat Abhiyan". In his tweet to the youth at the International Youth Festival held at Prashanthi Nilayam in July 2016, Shri Narendra Mody had called upon the youth of the Sai Organisation to be a part of his mission of cleanliness.

We have gone one step ahead and with the consent of all of you decided to launch a nationwide programme of "Swachata Se Divyata Tak" on the eve of Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October to the Avataar Declaration Day of our Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on 20th October, 2016. During this period every Samithi in the country will embark upon this Programme as per the Policy Document enclosed below.

Every member, bhajan singer, Bal Vikas student, Bal Vikas Guru , Balvikas parent, Seva dal,all Sai Schools, every Vidya jyothi school, members of the SSVIP Villages , youth members , mahila vibhag members, office bearers, trust members etc will participate from whereever they are located as per the instructions of the State Presidents. The State Presidents will seek guidance, if required, from Shri Bharat Jhaver, State President of Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, who will be monitoring the Programme along with my office and myself.

There will be a provision for uploading the activities during this period directly from the venue to a dedicated site. These instructions will come from the National IT Team very shortly.

I wish that you see the enclosed Preamble to the Programme. Please distribute the Preamble and the Policy Document in your state widely and in the local language and I request that each one of you personally monitor this programme as we owe this to Our Master and to the Nation. It maybe interesting to note that if we dedicate this Programme to Swami in prayer and if by His Grace we succeed, we will be the biggest Organisation supporting the Hon'ble Prime Minister in this Mission and our Swami's message will reach millions, not only in this country but all over the world.

I am releasing a recorded message addressed to all on Sunday the 17th September 2016. Kindly help me to ensure that all are able to hear that message till the grass root level in your state so that all are enthused about the programme.
I would wish that each State President also relays the message recorded by me in the his own voice and in the language of the state and oblige.

Dear Brothers this is one more opportunity to sing our Swami's glory by action, for this too is nothing short of a melodious Bhajan.
Lets participate in large numbers from all ages and offer this Service at The Divine Lotus Feet of Swami and to our Bharat Mata.

I have personally addressed a letter to the Hon'ble Prime Minister of this Programme.

Loving Regards
Nimish Pandya
All India President
Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisations India
"Transforming Self to Transform the World"​




Link to the Video:






Free Heart Camp -

Heart surgeries free of cost organised by Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation (Maharashtra & Goa) & Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital (Rajkot, Gujarat) in association with HPCL on Sunday 23rd October 2016 at Dharmakshetra Mumbai .. Please do spread this message to all... Sai Ram


Samarpan - Dr. Rajeshwari Patel from the Anantapur campus - Dharmakshetra - 23rd October 2016


Our next Samarpan is scheduled on 23rd October at our very own Dharmakshetra.

Hot on the heels of an amazing session of Sai Bliss, we are pleased to bring to you the next session of Samarpan on October 23rd. In the true spirit of the Festival of the Goddess, we shall be hosting Mumbai Samarpan's first woman speaker, Dr. Rajeshwari Patel from the Anantapur campus.

Dr. Patel is an alumnus & present professor at Anantapur Campus of Swami's college. She is been associated with Swami since last 35 years.

All are invited with family and friends to join for a Divine Satsang.



Please do join us on 2nd October 2016 at Dharmakshetra to get the bllessings from Sai Maa.....




Mumbai District Level Coordinators - Revised List 

A list has been compiled by the Data Management Coordinator Ms Lata Gurnani and her team comprising of all office bearers & samithi activities for the Mumbai district.  A soft copy of the list is enclosed herewith for your record, reference and active use.

Latest Revised Booklet - 23.11.2015

Mumbai SSSSO - Incharges - Contact Details

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