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February 2014

Shivarathri Venues in Mumbai- 28th February, 2014

Vibronic Sessions at Sathyadeep - Dharmakshetra on 16th February, 2014 (Photos)

Personal Finance Seminar

An audience of 32 youth and elders attended the 3 hour seminar on Financial Planning at the IT centre, Dharmakshetra on 2nd Feb conducted by Shri. Mukund Sheshadri. The participants experienced a variety of emotions during the seminar - laughter, amazement, concern, introspection etc. One would hardly expect these in a seminar where the topic is as dry as a desert - Finance. The sheer brilliance of the presenter, his knowledge, the style of presentation and most importantly linking Swami's words and Seva to Personal Finance made this possible.

Starting from a self evaluation questionnaire filled by all participants, to defining Financial Planning, Steps on how to do and trying to simplify the Finance World it was a thoroughly hands on seminar with a very active involvement of the participants. The concept of identifying and putting Needs over Desires, Having a Ceiling on Desires, Understanding how our lifestyle contributes to the rampant Inflation that we face were used very effectively to underscore the importance of Effective management of one's own finances.

Shri. Mukund used Swami's quote of Start Early, Drive Slowly and Reach Safety to emphasisze the need to start financial planning at a young age, take investment decisions rationally and succeed in reaching one's financial goals.

Shri. Mukund also made a very interesting observation on How doing Seva more often than not grants financial balance and stability. It was a thoroughly value adding session for the participants who promised to implement these concepts in their lives.

The youth wing is deeply grateful to Shri. Mukund for imparting this important knowledge in the first quarterly seminar series. Photos can be seen below

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Photos - Bhaje Govindam Programme by Goregaon, Malad Samathi at Dharmakshetra - February 2, 2014

Mumbai District Level Coordinators - Revised List

A list has been compiled by the Data Management Coordinator Ms Lata Gurnani and her team comprising of all office bearers & samithi activities for the Mumbai district.  A soft copy of the list is enclosed herewith for your record, reference and active use.