Freedom from Stress - Thakur College, Borivali, Mumbai

Over 150 professors from Thakur College of Science and Commerce attended the 3 hour seminar on Freedom from Stress by Dr.  Rangana Rupavi Chaudhari in rapt attention and immersed in the talk. Arranged by the Borivili samithi of SSSSO, Mumbai the seminar was well received by the college professors including the Principal who sat through the seminar.

Teaching various techniques of combating stress with special focus on Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Dr. Rangana took  the audience through a range of emotions from extreme laughter to serious contemplation. The Principal was specially thankful to both Dr. Rangana and the convenor of Borivili samithi Shri. Chaudhary for arranging the unique talk which benefited not only everyone present but also would be carried forward to the student community of the college!