Free Cardiac Camp at Dharmakshetra, Andheri, Mumbai, 28th October , 2012 – A Report



It was the message of their Lord & Master – that each and every person in this country is entitled to Free Medicine. The message was loud and clear to the world, when they saw Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Maharashtra & Goa & Sathya Sai Heart Hospital, Rajkot organize a FREE cardiac camp ‘Dil without Bill’ at Dharmakshetra, Andheri, Mumbai on 28th October, 2012.


The volunteers of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation had conducted a series of screening and diagnostic camps across various districts of Maharashtra throughout September and October 2012, screening over 1500 people. Through diagnostics and counseling about 400 patients were short listed for the final camp at Dharmakshetra. Additionally about 160 people walked in for on the spot registrations who went through the mandatory checkups before being advised on further course of action by a team of more than 20 doctors. ECG and 5 2D Echo machines were arranged for an immediate check up and diagnosis.

The atmosphere at Dharmakshetra was so charged with Divine Love, that far from being a dreary medical exercise, the camp seemed like a celebration of life, a tribute to the Divine residing in all – the doctors, the patients and their relatives and the volunteers! Dharmakshetra was suitably bedecked for the occasion and one could be mistaken for thinking there was a festival being celebrated.


A magnificent stage and a pandal served as the place for a short programme graced by a galaxy of dignitaries. His Excellency Dr D.Y Patil – the Governor of Tripura, Hon. Shir. Suresh Shetty the Health and Family Welfare Minister, Government of Maharashtra, Shri. Asit Mehta, Arav Diamonds, Belgium , Smt. Deepti Sahay, Chief General Manager, State Bank of India, Shir. Kanubhai Patel, Chairman, Sathya Sai Heart Hospital, Rajkot, Shri. Manoj Bhimani, Managing Trustee Sathya Sai Heart Hospital, Rajkot, Shri. Nimish Pandya, All India Vice President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation & Trustee, Sri Sathya Sai Trust Maharashtra, Shri. Ramesh. D. Sawant, State President, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation (Maharashtra & Goa) & Shri. Anoop Saxena, District President Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation, Mumbai were among those present. Everyone present commended the efforts in organizing this unique effort. A book describing all the activities at Rajkot hospital aptly entitled “Service of Heart through Heart” was released by His Excellency Dr D.Y Patil and Shri. Asit Mehta.

A short but emotional drama depicting the life of a young girl hailing from a remote village of Maharashtra who suffered from severe heart problem and how she was treated at a free hospital was enacted by a group of young girls from Navi Mumbai District. The drama was the true life story of Sheetal Makrand a girl from Kundoli village, Maharashtra who was treated at the Rajkot hospital after being untreated for over 13 years due to their economical status. Many patients sitting in the audience could easily identify with the ‘Sheetal’ in their lives.

An army of volunteers had prepared a meticulous step by step screening procedure to guide the patients through. The objective of this camp was to advise the patient whether surgery was required or not and if yes then to give a date for the same at the Rajkot hospital. The unique nature of the entire activity was a complete end to end solution for the patient totally free of cost. The loving volunteers served refreshments, tea, coffee, and food all through the day to everyone present. To help the patients benefit from Yoga, a team of Yoga experts led by Mrs. Sankpal kept the audience engaged by teaching basic Yogic practices that would benefit them in the long run.

 At the end of the long but satisfying day over 400 people went through a series of screenings, including ECG and 2D Echo tests. The Sathya Sai Rajkot Hospital gave confirmed dates for various heart related operation to 143 patients (109 Non Valve Patients, 10 TOF, 24 Valve replacements) and will review 39 more after basic reports are submitted. Some of the patients, who had given hopes of a healthy life, were so overwhelmed with joy on getting dates of operation as close as 31st October! (At the time of writing this report, 4 patients from this camp are already admitted at the Rajkot hospital).

State Bank of India, Girnar Tea, Seshaasai Business Forms Pvt. Ltd, Shesha Sai Infraprojects Pvt Ltd, Platinum Hospital, MGM Hospital, Surana Hospital, Sanjeevani Hospital, Pisat Polyclinic, Prashanthi Agencies and many others were patrons in this service to humanity.

All seemed to revel in fulfilling Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s vision of making Medicare accessible to all. The 2 super specialty hospitals aptly known as Temples of Healing in Puttaparthi and Bangalore built by Bhagawan Baba stand testimony to His commitment as they have conducted thousands of surgeries and treated many more patients in the fields of cardiology, neurology, nephrology and urology over the last 20 years absolutely free of cost. This is a constant source of inspiration to all who attended this camp and we pray to Bhagwan to bestow health and happiness to all.

Photos of Free Heart Diagnostic Camp at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai on October 28, 2012


A booklet was released at the function held at Dharmakshetra on 28.10.2012 showing the full details of how Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital (Rajkot) came up ....



Please click to download: Service of Heart Through Heart (Pdf Format - size 5.96mb)

Free Heart Diagnostic Camp at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai on October 28, 2012 - Camera 1

Free Heart Diagnostic Camp at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai on October 28, 2012 - Camera 2

Free Heart Diagnostic Camp at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai on October 28, 2012 - Camera 3

Free Heart Diagnostic Camp at Dharmakshetra, Mumbai on October 28, 2012 - Camera 4