A musical dance ballet by Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas Students of city of Mumbai, State of Maharashtra & Goa - 21st July, 2010

Gayatri - Veda Mata

The Universal Mantra





Ashadi Ekadashi is one of the most auspicious days in the Maratha vernacular calendar and brings the legacy of Maharashtra along with the State’s devotional fervour for her presiding deity, Lord Vittal Rakumai of Pandarpur. It is on this day that  lakhs  of Varkaris from all parts of the country, especially from the State of Maharashtra throng the spiritual capital of the state, Pandharpur to have darshan and blessings of their chosen deity, Vittal Rakumai. For Sai devotees Lord Sai Vithal is here in Puttaparthi. 

Ashadi Ekadashi marks the beginning of the Chaturmasa and ends with Karathik Ekadashi. It is celebrated during the months of June-July, known as Ashada Shukla Paksha in the vernacular calendar. The eleventh day of Ashadi is known as the great Ekadashi or Maha Ekadashi. This is the day on which people go on walking in huge processions to the Abode of Lord Vittala in Pandarpur, which is popularly known as Vaarkaari Sampradaya.

Like the previous years at Prasanthi Nilayam, a large number of devotees from the twin States of Maharashtra and Goa have arrived at Prashanti Nilayam to celebrate Ashadi Ekadashi in the Divine Presence.  The celebrations that began on the 19th of July 2010, would conclude on 22nd July, 2010. As always Aashadi  is the day of joy for the Maharashtrians. Every year devotees from Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra come to the Lord's Divine Lotus Feet and present before Bhagawan some wonderful Cultural Programmes. Over the many years the quality and magnitude of these festivity have increased in a very big way and as the eager and wonderful devotees go all out to please the Lord in every possible way. This year also there was no exception

A musical dance ballet titled "Veda Mata Gayatri" was performed before Bhagawan today. Bhagawan arrived in the Sai Kulwant Hall at 9.30 am with the Gayatri Mantra playing in the background. Bhagawan made the usual darshan round for twenty minutes before He was ready to view the musical ballet.

Shri Nimish G Pandya, District President, Mumbai, gave a small opening address on the Gayatri Mantra

Numerous banners were put up in the centre of the Sai Kulwant Hall with the wordings -

Gayatri is Sarva Vancha Phala

Gayatri - The Royal road to Divinity

Vedas are Anaadi - Beginingless

Vedas are Nithya - Everlasting

Vedas are Sanathana - Eternal

Gayatri is Sarva Roga Nivarini

Gayatri is the Mother of all the Vedas

The entire hall wore a festive and colorful look. Bhagawan as usual was full of energy and love. He loves watching Balvikas plays and dramas and through this medium has subtly created an awareness in the minds of the people about the richness of the Indian Culture and Spirituality. Creation has to be viewed as a Cosmic Stage with God as the director. He assigns all the roles to the characters in the play. Behind all the myriad of the action of the actors, it is the Divine Director who is at work.

The musical ballet started around 9.55 am and ended around 10.55 am

It was a very beautiful musical ballet presentation. The colorful costumes and the rich musical sound added to the high and professional quality of the entire play. Even the dances were of a very high standard and execution was perfectly timed in tune with the music and the dialogues.

The essence of the musical ballet, "Veda Mata Gayatri" enacted before Bhagawan are summed up here in a few words. The Gayatri glorifies the importance of the Gayatri mantra in today's times, when man is torn by troubles and difficulties and wants to free himself from the shackles of ignorance.

The Gayatri is the Veda Matha that grants enlightenment and makes man radiant. The Gayatri mantra is addressed to the Sun god, the dispeller of darkness that illuminates the three worlds - gross, subtle and casual the vivifying power of the sun, of Love, of Radiant Illumination, of Divine Grace, of Universal Intelligence to grant us the Divine Light to Illumine our minds

It is the mantra given by the great sage Vishwamitra who was also initially troubled by the shadripus.

Gayatri is the mother of the Vedas - Gayatri Chandasam Mathaha.

Gayatri consists of 3 deity's - Gayatri, Savitri and Saraswati - Gayatri represents the senses, Savitri is the master of the life force the prana Shakti, Saraswati is the presiding deity of Speech - the Vaak. The three represent purity of Thought, Word and Deed - Trikarna Shuddi

Gayatri is Shabda Brahman - All Pervading.

When the mantra is recited the right way the atmosphere becomes illumined. The Brahmaprakash, the effulgence of the divine, will descend and illumine the intellect and light the path to godhead

This is the essence as what was explained before a mammoth gathering

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Bhagawan was immensely pleased with the performance of the Balvikas students and toward the end had photo sessions with the participants.

Around 11.20 am the Aarti was performed and prasadams were distributed to all. Around 11.30 am Bhagawan returned to His residence....

Swami returned for the evening programme at 5.55 pm for another drama titled "Natya Veda" - A Musical Dance Drama by Balvikas Students of Thane District, State of Maharashtra & Goa choregraphed by Shri Deepak Mazmudar and his student Shri Pavitra Bhatt  Below is the summary of the musical Dance Drama "Natya Veda"

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In the beginning there was nothing, neither Truth not Untruth, there was neither Space nor Sky. There existed only Knowledge unknown, untaught  - in the Heart of the Purusha…Then the Purusha stirred…The first spark of energy- aumkar and the first glimpse of light falls on Brahmaji’s Silver lotus ,which  opens to the chant of Aum to the accompaniment of the Taal. The Light falls on Vishnuji’s Golden lotus, which  opens to the chant of Aum to the accompaniment of the conch  The Light falls on Shiva’s Bronze lotus which  opens to the chant of Aum to the accompaniment of the  Damaru.

After which Shiva plays the Damaru. The sound is terrifying, all Gandharvas, all Apsaras, Devas run helter skelter in sheer fright! Sounds of Trahimam! Trahimam! resound from all over the Cosmos. Ganesha rushes on stage and implores Lord Shiva.Shiva takes His Damaru, breaks it, attaches it into the reverse to form a Mridangam, which He gives to Nandi… Thus was born the Mridangam…

Nandi begins playing the Mridangam, Shiva is dancing in aggressive, powerful movements… when suddenly one ghungroo of Shiva’s Painjan comes off, touches his head, shoulder, Thigh, Knee…. Tad, Dhit, Tom, Nam, echoes and slowly gathers momentum as Siva is dancing to reach a crescendo.

Thus, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara began the Cosmic Concert of Creation, Maintenance and Dissolution. The Universe was born in the eternal Raaga of Life set to the Talam of Time…

Out of creation, emerged knowledge. Brahma synthesized its essence and created the Vedas, the eternal repositories of All Gyana…He first created the Rigveda,then came the Yajurveda, sama veda and finally Atharva veda

Lord Brahma created the  fifth Veda – the Natya Veda telling the  Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda, as the world moves from Krita Yuga to Kaliyuga, man will forget you. At that time, Natya Veda will come to your aid, for if you are the nectar of wisdom, Natyaveda is the cup that will serve that nectar into the minds of men, if you hold the seeds of  bliss, Natya Veda will make those seeds sprout in the hearts of men and if you reveal to man the path and the destination, Natya Veda will fill the journey with ecstasy and thrill…Natyam, Nrityam, Sangeetham will make the minds of men and women soar to the pinnacle of joy and to the depths of their own Divinity…Education with entertainment, the Nava Rasas of Natya Veda will not only reflect the worldly state of man, it will make him ascend to the sublime heights of his own divine destiny…


Darshan Updates 21st July, 2010

Last updated @ 2115 hrs. IST, July 21

Wed, July 21, 2010: Holy Ashadi Ekadashi morning dawned in Prasanthi bringing along with reminiscence of the great Marata tradition of Varkari Sampradaya, wherein, lakhs and lakhs of devotees from all over India, especially from Maharashtra, reach Pandharpur, the seat of Lord Vittala, after a twenty-one day long 'spiritual journey'!

Responding to the holy morning assembly's prayer, Bhagawan emerged at 0935 hrs. to sonorous notes of Gayathri chanting, thematic of the scheduled cultural presentation. Coming for a complete round, Bhagawan moved further into the ladies' side, this time for a half round, taking a detour from the ladies' end to come onto the portico. Gliding through, Bhagawan came onstage at 0950 hrs. setting the stage for the morning presentation to begin.

The seat of the Lord bore the background of the great Marata tradition with images of Lord Vittala and other saints of Maharashtra getting prominence. Upon coming onstage, Bhagawan had a detailed look at the backdrop before lighting the lamp sanctifying the occasion.

The programme commenced with the presentation of the "Palkhi" carrying Lord Vithala along with His sandals, symbolically carried by the 'varkaris' from Dharmavaram to Prasanthi Nilayam during their three day 'yatra'.

The main presentation for the morning was a dance ballet entitled, Veda Mata Gayathri, by Balvikas children from Mumbai, propouding the glory of the Great Mantra that carries the essence of entire Veda.

The presentation was weaved in the form of a conversation between Bhagawan Sri Krishna and a youngster, who took refuge to get rid off six vices, gets into details of the great Mantra, illustrating every apsect related to the Mantra, either through a song or by enacting a dialogue. Depicting the role of Sage Vishwamitra, his altercation with Brahma Rishi Vasishta, and the episodes related to celestial damsels Menaka and Rambha etc., the storyline finally touched the climactic scene, the birth of great Gayathri Mantra. The fifty minute presentation was colourfully intertwined with meaningful dance sequences by tiny tots in colourful costumes..

Shortly after the programme Bhagawan asked for Mangala Arathi and upon accepting Arathi, Bhagawan sat through a session interacting to organise the presentation to be given to the participants. Soon, safari pieces, shirt pieces and sarees were brought and distributed to the participants by the organisers. Simultaneously special Maharashtra prasadam was distributed to the entire assemblage.

Shortly, Bhagawan moved down the dais posing for a photo session with the participants. Moving off directly into the ladies' side, Bhagawan went for another round of bonus darshan, taking a detour from the ladies' end, to come onstage to accept one more Arathi, at 1130 hrs. Blessing the concourse with His abhayahastha, Bhagwawan moved off the dais at 1133 hrs. moving into the ladies' side to retire to Yajur Mandiram.

Being a declared holiday, students fraternity including Primary children have attended the session. It drizzled overnight and during the day when Bhagawan was retiring, it was still drizzling as if heaven opened up its gates to receive His bounty on this most auspicious day.

Arrangements have been made to serve free Maharashtrian lunch in the North Indian canteen celebrating the special occasion.

On a damp evening that experienced intermittent showers, Bhagawan, upon emerging in His car at 1755 hrs. went for a complete round before ascending the dais at 1800 hrs. setting the stage for the evening programme to begin. What else could have been a better presentation to the original Dance Master in physical form than what ensued later during the session, a scintillating dance drama entitled 'Natya Veda', a treatise on cosmic creation!

Veda chanting continued for next 7 to 8 minutes until Bhagawan signalled for the programme to commence. "Natya Veda" is undoubtedly a 'one off' presentation Prasanthi has ever witnessed, choreographed by popular Bharata Natyam exponent Deepak Mazumdar who 'masterminded' the programme with the assistance of his disciple, Pavitra Bhatt. Sri Deepak Mazumdar was an alumnus of Balvikas who had the rare privilege of performing in His Divine presence as a little boy. He was the direct recipient of Bhagawan's guidance and inspiration that made him what he is today. ...To such a 'Master Mind' who anchored his career, Deepak and Co. presented a dazzling display of dance and music that lasted for fifty minutes, depicting the 'Trinity Affair' of the Cosmic Concert of Creation! The presentation was an offering by the Balvikas students of Thane District of Maharashtra.

Upon the end of the programme, Bhagawan moved down the dais to pose for a group photograph. Coming onstage Bhagawan sat through, interacting with the officials from Maharashtra while glancing at the twilight's assembly sending subtle blessings. As He continued with his interaction, prasadam was being distributed to the entire assemblage.

Time clock ticked to 1920 hrs. and Bhagawan indicated for Mangala Arathi. Upon accepting Arathi, blessing the student beneficiaries, blessing the concourse with double abhayahastha, twice, Bhagawan moved off the dais. Interacting with Team Vidya Vahini for sometime, Bhagawan got into His car driving back to Yajur Mandiram, bringing curtains down for a glorious evening that witnessed one of the best presentation ever! II Samastha Lokaaha Sukhino Bhavanthu II