Report & Details of the Mother & Child Care Program conducted by Zone 1 on 24th October, 2010

Location: Ranjanpada, Saphale
Duration of the program: 1.5 hours
Topic Covered: Hygiene
No. of Ladies Participated: 36


1) This was the first time that Mother and Child care was introduced to the village sisters of Ranjanpada. Hence care was taken to choose a relatively simple although very important topic called Hygiene.

2) The program started with introductions of names & a synopsis of the entire Mother & child care, explaining them how immensely it would benefit them and their children. Three simple bhajans were sung to get the atmosphere lively and interactive.

3) We started with the Personal Hygiene, explaining them about head, skin & dental care. After which we proceeded to Environmental Hygiene, explaining them the disadvantages of not having a clean environment

4) After the talk, we proceeded to the role play, where we showed that due to lack of proper hygiene a girl had fallen sick, and villagers being superstitious were trying to ward off an evil spirit from her...and later how a visiting doctor to the village explains them the causes of falling sick is only due to lack of proper hygiene, improper waste disposal, uncleanliness etc. The role play duration was 25 minutes

5) Next we had an interactive session where by showing the hand made charts on Hygiene, we asked them questions from the talk and the role play. Few of the questions asked were:
a) Why is it necessary to brush with tooth powder, instead of coal etc?
b) If a child has got a bleeding wound, what should be done?
c) when and how often should the hands be washed?
d) How should the waste of the house be treated?

6) We concluded with an auspicious ceremony of Haldi Kumkum lead by a village sister after which we distributed the forms to a leader to be filled for the next month and encouraged them to participate again.

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Photos - Mother and Child Care Program -Ranjanpada, Saphale  24.10.2010

Jai Sai Ram